Road to Glory –The Big Apple!

“This is Raven at Phone Sex Kingdom . . . “

“Can I do a call with you about the road to glory in the big apple?

“Sure, how long you wanna spend with me, honey?”

“I need at least 40 minutes to tell you about this journey . . .”

“Brittany spill the juicy details; what did you get yourself into this time?”

“Raven, the Road to Glory went from the Candy Striped Lobster, a glory hole in Maine to find a glory hole in New York City, the BIG APPLE!  If you thought the last encounter was arousing and explosive, just wait . . . !

I took Grandma BaBa back home and continued my road to glory to the big apple.  On my way to New York City, the Big Apple, I picked up my roommate, Rosie.  After she heard about my experience in Maine at the Candy-Striped Lobster, she demanded that I take her on this road to glory, especially to the big apple.

Are glory holes open on Holidays?

When we finally arrived in the Big Apple, it was the day before Thanksgiving.  “Damn, Rachelle,” Rosie invoked, “Do you think we will get any action because of the holiday and all?”  “Don’t worry Rosie,” I smiled, “We will find a glory hole in this city.  The Big Apple has some world-famous holes here with some of the biggest dicks ever seen.”  We decided to part the car and take the train to find where the best holes were.  After riding the train for several hour and talking to several New Yorkers we got a lead.  We took the train downtown to find an adult bookstore that we were told about.

The BBA in the Big Apple has BBC?

We took the train at 42nd Street and then we had to walk 10 blocks to get to the adult book store.  We finally arrive and the sign above the door reads “The Big Black Apple.”

“This is the place!” Rosie whispers.  We push the massive black mahogany door open to find a quaint bookstore, unremarkable and insignificant.  The gentleman on the train said to ask for the attendant if we could see the Big Black Apple.  I approach the attendant.  “Excuse me,” I say politely, “I need to SEE the Big Black Apple.  Please direct me!”  The attendant pressed this Black button on her desk and black arrows were illuminated on the floor of the bookstore.  The attendant says, “Follow these, for what you seek is at the end.”  Rosie and I begin to follow these black arrows that are glowing on the floor.

These arrows take us down this winding hallway and we finally reach a door.  The door has a sign that says “THE Big Black APPLE has Big Black COCK!”  The door also has a black button like the attendant had in the front of the books store.

The Road to Glory in the Big Apple does not disappoint.

“Should I press the button Rosie?”

“We came here to get Big Black Cock,” Rosie said emphatically, “What are you waiting for?”  Without waiting for my reply, Rosie presses the black button.  Two doors open towards us.  This leads to a huge, dimly lit room with couches, lounge chairs, a bar, and men and women everywhere!  Some people were fully clothed as they had just arrived.  Others were naked from the waist down and still, others were completely naked.  Rosie taps me on the shoulder, “Now this is definitely the road to glory in the big apple!”

Upon further exploration I discovered that there were holes everywhere; along the walls, under the bar, and even some of the chairs had been created so that someone could sit and have their cock sucked and their asshole licked or fucked.

 I lost Rosie in the midst of BBC!

This place was amazing!  So amazing in fact, I lost Rosie.  I searched and searched for her but to no avail.  I finally got so tired of searching I just plopped down in a chair.  After a few minutes, I started feeling someone diddling my asshole, fingering my pussy, and sucking on my toes all at the same time.  In the beginning, I was startled but then I realized how great it was feeling.  Just then, I opened my eyes and the Biggest Black Cock I had ever seen was in front of my face begging to be sucked.  I opened my mouth and began salivating over the bulbous head of this massive black schlong.  Every time I tried to take it all, but I gagged.

I had been enjoying the act of fellatio so much that I did not realize that I was being double penetrated, and someone was still sucking on my toes.  What a marvelous feeling; big black cock was in my mouth, in my ass, and in my pussy. Delicious.

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