Ritual Sexual Practices of the American Male. Kiss and Tell!

Don’t be surprised by the title! Ritual sexual practices are going on everywhere. Hell, take a deep sniff and you’ll smell it right there under your very own nose! Haha. So, let me start where every great taboo story begins. All tales begin at home and it happened just like this.

From the dawning of time, men have subjugated women in the most brutal fashion. Sometimes, it’s a boyfriend. At others, it’s a husband. But, you want to know where MOST of them started? Yup. As Dads. And so, my tale began. My Dad is a single dad and he’s always strapped for cash. I’m sure NONE of that had to do with his gambling debts or drug problems. He does the best he can. And even after all these years, and me no longer living at home with him, he STILL needs my help on a regular basis. Me? I fall right back into old habits. I do as Daddy tells me, even when I can’t understand why!

Ritual Sexual Practices are what they are, after all.

Girls have the most trouble saying no to our fathers. For some reason, whenever I hear his voice I regress into childhood where all I want to do is please him. In fact, when Dad finally told me he’d gotten fired (again) and that he was in big to some loan sharks, I was sad. However, I never saw what he said coming! He had already devised a plan to make good on his loans and their usury interest rates, by making ME do the work for him!

As a rule, I’m always on board for whatever hair-brained scheme Dad cums up with. But, my hair curled as he said the most unthinkable words I’d ever heard…from him anyway.

“Listen, little girl…” He said and I immediately chimed back with “Daddy. I’m not a little girl…” My words trailed off with his look of consternation. I know when to shut my mouth.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

Daddy and I had done everything over the years from selling magazines door-to-door to lemonade stands and selling cold water along the river the joggers running by. But, I had never even conceived of something like this! He went on to eXXXplain how he was not only gonna pay back his loans, but he was gonna get richer than rich in the process… using ME!

His plan was to pimp me out to special clientele and they could have anything they wanted, and in any way they wanted it. Of course, the special clients would be everyone from married men to the truly sick and I had to service them all.

I’d been fucking on the regular for months before Daddy got a first CUMplaint. Giggle. The guy said it was alright, but that I just didn’t seem too into it. He promised the client a “little sumthin’ extra’ the next time he was in town. Subsequently, I had to hear how I was fucking up his business plan, blah, blah…

In the meantime, while scolding me like I was still a kid he told me to take a bath and doll myself up. He had a big client who had just arrived from some old Eastern Bloc country and he was a “special, special client”. In short, he was a freak! From what Daddy said, this freak was along the lines of some sort of Hannibal Lecter!

You’ve got to give your all when it comes to Ritual Sexual Practices; especially when the client is paying. Right?

Daddy answered the door and I heard hushed voices from downstairs. My bedroom doors opened and I was all set to crawl toward him like a panther in heat. But, his… face stopped me. He was a cross between a Frankenstein monster and bad plastic surgery and I stopped mid-crawl. I tried my best to give him my best cum hither look. But, his dick got hard instantly. And I don’t think it was my banging body causing it. I think it was my fear.

Daddy tried to close the door just as Luca stopped him.

“You cum in and sit down! Dad tried to beg off. Luca insisted that his personal thing was not only being watched but by making the fathers of the women he fucks WATCH! I have never seen my father’s face like this before. It started off slowly enough with him fingering me as he was forced to watch his 27-year old daughter’s otherwise hot pussy. He couldn’t hide his hard-on, though I know it made him SICK.

The freak got off the bed in a huff and stormed toward my Dad!

“You are FUCKING UP my enjoyment, Sir”! Luca said it half spitting on Daddy’s face! He continued, “Now, I’m not a parent, so I can only imagine your distaste for what makes me cum. But, I have paid a King’s ransom to have her pussy. Likewise, I have paid the overage for “special favors”, no?” Daddy nodded his head slowly and tried to speak. “You will sit your ass DOWN and enjoy the show so I can enjoy your whore of a daughter and your angst and cum deep inside her…”

What do you know? Daddy had finally reached an avenue that he couldn’t go down. He was just fine with pimping me out, on the other hand, his having to actually SEE it being done to me? Oh, that was a horse of a totally different color! Sitting in the chair, he watched as I was deep-throated, had my as jack-hammered and my throat fucked so hard it made my asshole open from the inside! In no time at all, I was begging him for some normal face sitting and smothering!

But, none of that cumpared to what happened next!

That monster took his belt and wrapped it around my throat and there was nothing Daddy could do to help me. That is, without giving back Luca’s money! Guess which option Daddy Dearest chose? Ha! Luca started screaming at my dad now about his rights to his ritual sexual practices. “Did we have a deal or what? Cuz, if we don’t I’ll leave! But, I pay NOTHING if I don’t get to fuck your daughter the way I want! Moreover, how I WANT right now, is for YOU to fuck her now for MY pleasure!

Daddy’s face fell as if he’d be stricken by Luca physically, but he hadn’t. He simply slumped down in the chair as if defeated, though, his dick was still hard as a rock and stiff as a plank of wood.

Are you wondering what happened next? Did he cross the floor to the bed and fuck me? Or, did he finally do a standup Dad kind of thing and give Luca back his wad of cash? Wanna know? Call me. I’ll share every filthy detail with you. Plus, there’s always a plot twist with me, so… Cum and get it. Maybe, I’ll find that you have some ritual sexual practices of your own? I mean, you’re not scared of a little taboo phone sex, are you? Giggle.


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