Face Sitting CUMS really easy for me since, I’ve been a dancer most of my life and.  Moreover, I can leg press over 350-pounds. My boyfriend calls me “Thunder Thighs” & he usually does it with a smile. All that changed last week.

In fact, Tim doesn’t really like eating pussy.  But, he does it to please me. That night started normally; me giving his cock a tongue-bath. Licking up & down his shaft, taking his balls into my mouth & rolling them around my tongue.  Slurping him down my throat; teasing his head with my tongue & lips. I snaked my tongue into his asshole.  While working it deep into him, I felt him get harder!

“You like that, Baby?” I purred.
“Oh God yes, Joey!”.  Then, he lifted his legs in the air so; giving me access to his ass crack. I spent 5-10 minutes down there while I slowly stroked his cock.

“My turn, Lover” I moaned & slid up his body. Again, dragging my wetness up him until it was over his face.

“Eat me, Tim!  Eat my pussy like a starving man!”

In fact, to my surprise & excitement, he did!  Driving his tongue in & out of my pussy with a skill, I didn’t know he had.

“Have you been holding out these skills on me, Lover?”

He mumbled into my pussy.  The vibrations drove me to greater heights; his humming, varying pitch & volume until I was on the verge of orgasm.

“Tim! I’m CUMming!!!” I cried as I erupted from the centre of my being until I clamped my thighs around his head. “So, did I tell you I’m a dancer?”

But, he forgives me. And when the neck brace CUMS off, our sex-life may get back to normal!  That is until my Public Sex Stories began. LOL

One good turn…could end badly!