If we are chatting or you are reading my blogs, you know I am a wild woman. I love sex and all things that come with it. Whether I am exploring fun with sexy men or women, I am having fun doing it. Of course, I also have fun with Risky Public Masturbation too. I know my body better than anyone and can make myself cum so hard.

I love going to the parks and finding a comfy place to play. Sometimes I am laying on a blanket and other times I am on a picnic table in the sun. If there aren’t many people around, I am bolder in my risky public masturbation. If the park is full of people, I am careful and more discreet while publicly diddling myself. I am always playing it by ear when I go.

That is the joy of my Risky Public Masturbation.

Sometimes, I am lucky, hitting the jackpot with a sexy guy. He sees me and knows what I am doing. If it is a naughty guy, he watches me until I finish and then comes to hit on me. We find a quiet place to fuck in the park, still in the public eye, of course. On a really good day, I get lucky and fuck a handsome park ranger or two. I have had some of my best group sex with the rangers. Men and women.

You probably think they are square people but they aren’t. Today I am in my favorite park under this giant oak tree. I have a nice blanket laid out. As I am discreetly diddling myself this guy and girl approach me. They know what I am doing and want to sit on the blanket to do the same. Holy shit! So, we all experience some risky public masturbation and then fuck behind the tree. And, they are brother and sister to boot!

Talk about a great day at the park!

My Incest Sex Stories are minimal but that doesn’t mean I don’t love that kinky fun. Especially fucking a hot brother and sister. I am the queen of kinky. Bring on the naughty fun with hot sexy people baby! When my brother and stepbrother had their way with me it was an amazing time. I couldn’t resist having fun.

Being with the brother and sister at the park added to my experiences for my Oral Expert Phone Sex sessions. I have had a lot of cock and pussy in my mouth. Having it in public places makes it even more fun. For me, it is the risk of getting caught. My tight young pussy tingles just thinking about it. Of course, fucking hot people makes it even better.

It is all good for me.

A day on my own with risky public masturbation or adding in new friends and having public sex. As long as I am getting off and having fun, it is a win for this girl. My boyfriend Cody loves that I am daring and wild. Sometimes, he goes with me and we find cuckold partners to play with at the park. The park is the ultimate place for naughty fun of all types.

When I was younger and my family would take us to the park, I always snuck off to find a place to masturbate. Yes, it has always been this way for me. I can’t get enough of it. Whether it is the fresh air, the outdoor environment, or the risk, it is all so intoxicatingly fun. My mom told me she loves it too. Only her favorite places are stores or malls. She really likes the risk.

That is too much for me.

Plus, I love the atmosphere of the park. And, the people I meet there always turn out to be the best fuck buddies. Almost always, the people I meet, become friends I stay in touch with. Not always, but almost always. So tell me, if you saw me doing risky public masturbation at the park what would you do? Do you dream of an opportunity like this?

Of seeing a hot sexy chick playing with herself in the park? Most guys that notice love watching me until I finish. Some approach and some go to their cars with their boners. Which guy are you? Call me now to play!

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