I played with my favorite Daddy yesterday. He’s in his early 50’s but makes an effort to keep fit and he loves it when I’m a sweet, girly girl for him. I like being a good, submissive daughter for him but wanted a change. I knew he wouldn’t like it if I came on strong but if I did it in a gentle way he’d be more likely to go along with it. I put on a white ruffled dress that he’d given me on our last hook up and put my hair in pigtails tied with red bows. I covered my lips in soft pink lipstick and looked in the mirror. Perfect.

     I went over and he ran his eyes over me slowly, smiling as he told me I looked beautiful. We went into the living room and I sat on his lap as he ran his fingers under my dress. My pussy got wet as he pushed a finger past my panties and began fingering me. “I saw a video that showed a girl playing with her daddy. She looked like such a bad little girl and I wanted to try it. Can I, Daddy?” I asked as his finger slid in and out of me. He asked what had made her such a bad girl but I asked him to just trust me. He hesitated and I leaned forward, pressing my breasts against him. “Please?” Daddy gave in to me.

     I grabbed my backpack and we went to the bedroom. I told Daddy to get undressed and he did. I then asked him to go on the bed and get down on his hands and knees. He did and I got behind him, put my hands on his ass cheeks and parted them. I leaned forward and licked his asshole. Daddy moved and I told him to keep still. I licked him again, moving over the hole and pushing my tongue inside him. I moved it back and forth, stretching him a bit. When Daddy’s hole was covered in my spit I stopped and went to my backpack. I took out a strap on and a bottle of lube. Daddy saw the dildo and tried to change my mind. I said to him that if he did this then afterwards I’d do whatever he wanted. He told me to get on with it and I got back on the bed.

     I squirted lube on my fingers and put it on his hole then spread lube over the dildo. I put my hand on Daddy’s back, lined the dildo up and began to push forward. Daddy jumped and tried to get away when the tip got in and I rubbed his back, trying to relax him. I pushed it in deeper and Daddy squirmed as he tried to get used to it. I finally got it in and began to thrust in and out of him. It took a few minutes but Daddy started to enjoy it and began pushing back, trying to get me in deeper. I moved a bit faster and Daddy groaned loudly then started murmuring for me to keep going. I had hit his prostate! I reached down, grabbed his dick and started jerking him off as I worked his prostate. I felt him twitch in my hand and soon it was covered in Daddy’s cum.

     When he was done I pulled out of him. He rolled over as I laid down beside him and thanked him for making me a very happy girl.

~Daddy’s Lil’ Princess Sweet Lil’ Caden~