I'd decided to go visit a college friend of mine and take the drive rather than fly, it was going to be a two day drive and everything was going fine until about an hour before I planned on finding a motel for the night. I got a flat tire and was literally in the middle of nowhere and it was freezing cold out and starting to snow to boot. I didn't know what I was going to do. It was dark, nothing around for miles, the neareat gas station i'd passed was likely well over thirty minutes back. No cell phone reception either. So there I sat. Waiting for what, i do not know, but I just wanted to find a place to turn in for the night and get this flat fixed.

I sat there not know what to do when after around fifteen minutes a car pulled over and a man got out and asked if he could help me, I didn't have much choice but to accept his help. I asked if he could give me a lift to the nearest service station so I could get a tow out there, or have someone come out with a new tire, anything to get me back up and running, he said yes, so reluctantly I got in his car. I'd hitchhiked in college a few times and nothing bad ever happened, this wasn't exactly hitchhiking, but I was accepting a ride from a stranger and hoping for the best.
I got in his car and we drove along for a while in silence and it wasn't long until he put his hand on my thigh and tried to slide it under my skirt. I pushed his hand away, he was a stranger after all, and politely asked how much further until the service station. He looked over and grinned at me and said not to be nervous. I was a bit, but he was handsome, just a bit forward. He said I was pretty, but why was I dressed like a slut? I was shocked and said I wasn't, I was just wearing a mini skirt and a sweater, and he said the sweater was too low cut, I'd give guys the wrong idea.
He pulled the car over on the side of the road and said the service station wasn't too much further, but he wanted to play a bit first. I was in no mood for "play", handsome or not, but he reached over and put his hand back on my thigh, it was warm and felt good and I was kind of horny. What a weird night this was turning into. He reached over and kissed me and he was a good kisser, I think he was maybe ten years older than me. I spread my legs enough for him to gain access to my pussy. I felt his fingers tease my pussy lips through the panties and I quickly grew wet.
He slid his fingers into my panties and found my stiff clit and started rubbing it. I felt my breathing grow heavier and deeper as he rubbed my cunt. I felt like such a slut for allowing a stranger to finger me right there in the front seat of his car. He asked if I'd give him a blow job and I didn't mind one bit. I unzipped his pants and took out his already stiff cock and started rubbing it in my hand and pumping it up and down before lightly licking the head of it and then taking its full length in my mouth.
I licked and sucked at its salty head and rubbed his balls. He placed his hand on the back of my head and started shoving it down a bit and I gagged a little, but his pre cum tasted sweet and I kind of liked him being a bit dominant with me. I continued my work on his cock with my mouth and it wasn't long before I had a hot mouthful of his jizz in my throat. I licked him clean and then he zipped up and we continued on our way to the gas station. Luckily they were still open and I was able to get the guy there to take a tire back out to my car and get it working again and then I found the nearest motel and just fell asleep, with dreams of the handsome stranger I was such a slut for in exchange for a ride.
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