It’s not like a college orgy was ever far from my mind.  In fact, I dream about it all the time, but that is not the extent of that fantasy.  I have a craving for a reverse harem of college boys.  You heard me right, reverse harem.

A reverse harem is when a goddess, like myself, has a slew of men at her feet at any given moment.  They are more than sex slaves because they are enamored with her- obsessed even!  This is my biggest wet dream, to be able to have a college orgy with all of the men I deem good enough.  Truth be told, your goddess is picky.  I’m not into run-of-the-mill average Joes with 6-inch cocks.  I need more from my reverse harem applicants.

Call to become one of my new toys in the reverse harem.

First, I like tanks.  I mean, if a man looks like he has been working out, then the more of a chance they have got in. Who doesn’t want hunks on leashes keeling before them at all times?  I know I personally need it.  I’m also very partial to having bad boys in my college orgy.  I can’t resist a naughty boy with tattoos and dark hair.  The broodier the better!  Throw in a motorcycle and you will have my pussy pumping cum out.

One of the guys in my reverse harem will have to deal with my consistently leaky cunt.  See, I just can’t help but soak my panties all of the time, so I will need all the help I can get around babes like that.  If for reasons unknown, my cum-drinker is unavailable, I will make the boys share.  They will collect my pussy juices in a wine glass and all take turns sipping my creamy delight.

Nothing but the best erotica

New recruits are always welcome to try out for the reverse harem, but they will have to fit the standard guidelines.  At least 6 feet tall, muscular, and hung like a horse.  No one wants a tank around if his dick is small.  That is akin to a candle with an unusable wick.  What good is it if I can’t even light it aflame?

The new recruit has to answer my boys, first.  They knew what I like and would never wish for me to be angry with them for insufficient boys!  If approved, they come and meet me in my room where I am lounging against a chaise in a robe.  I won’t sit ladylike.  My men know not to touch unless I invite them to.  That is the first test.

Getting into a reverse harem is fun, but a lot of work.  I love to reward my boys with frequent college orgies.  In the summer, they love to have them on the front deck.   What is best about a reverse harem is that I never have to share. They are not even allowed to look at another woman, as it is an insult to their goddess.

I love when men know their place with me.  What about you?  Do you believe you have what it takes to be in a reverse harem? Maybe you should audition, today.

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