Since leaving my old life, I am a huge fan of all things sexual. Especially, sex with beautiful women. Of course, men and women together are always a blast too! Now, I am thinking it is time for a regular lesbian girlfriend.

My regular partners for hot lesbian sex are Emily, Hilary, and Paige. Sometimes all of us together. They are all amazing lovers and great friends. Of course, that is an issue.

If I choose one of them, it could hurt our relationships. Women can be pretty touchy. Although, we all know we are just having fun with each other and some other male friends too.

Picking a regular lesbian girlfriend might require a search.

In fact, I am not sure my current lesbian lovers are up for a commitment. None of us have actually had that conversation. We spend our time fucking each other and having fun.

And, boy do we have fun together. When the three of us are all together at the same time, it is a sexy lesbian orgy full of climaxing. It is absolutely delicious watching a woman cum from the view of her pussy.

Maybe that is why I am craving the connection of a regular lesbian girlfriend. Having the same pussy to tease and please on a regular basis. A woman that has feelings for me and me for her.

Someone I am bonding with as we explore our sexual attraction too.

Of course, there is a downside too. When you have a one-on-one relationship with another woman, there are those feelings. Feelings such as jealousy and possessiveness could be part of a regular lesbian girlfriend.

As an ex-naive Mormon girl, I don’t know that I want such a strong connection with anyone. Sure, I have my daddy dom but we give each other space. If I can find a partner open to an open relationship, then, we could have something.

In fact, that is the only way we are having a relationship. It is a given for anyone I decide to date or commit to. They have to be strong enough to let me be me. That means I get to be this naughty little slut.

Maybe that is why I am not sure about finding a regular lesbian girlfriend.

There are tons of available women out there. Furthermore, they would be happy to be my girl. However, a lot of them want a monogamous relationship and that isn’t me.

Then, I think about Emily, Hilary, and Paige. We have so much fun together and there is no jealousy or possessiveness. In fact, it is totally the opposite of a regular lesbian girlfriend.

Not only that, the three of them are fantastic lovers. At this point, we know each other well. In fact, we know how to please each other quite well. And, it is fucking awesome being with them.

Perhaps, after chatting through this, I have my answer.

My three besties are better than any regular lesbian girlfriend. With them, I am getting the best of all worlds. And, their pussies taste so good too!

Do you have an opinion on this? If so, call me for some fetish phone sex and we can discuss it!