I was bored that night. Nothing to do. And I was craving some serious sexual attention. I remembered Gracie telling me about Reddit sexting and I squirmed. This could be it. I waited for the lights to go off. When I noticed my parents were finally off to dreamland I fired up my ancient laptop.

Reddit sexting chat group!! And here I was looking for something that satisfies my sexual desires. I found an empty thread. The details said it was someone local and close to me. I was excited. I rubbed my thighs together. The thread was titled –

‘32 Male. Sex is poetic. Looking for a poem where I can plunge myself deep and wide. Let’s make this world beautiful with our wild poem recitations.’

Suddenly a picture of a handsome guy came into my mind.

My High School English literature teacher. He was poetic in a very sexy kind of way and the way his body drove me utterly mad. On account of being totally excited, yet nervous, my fingers just typed ‘Ummm’ until I came up with something to ask.

‘Is your pen hard enough to write looong poems on my body?’ Of course, I was feeling naughty while typing this. As I took a sip from my cold water bottle, two droplets fell on my nude thighs and my skin burned. I started moving my finger in circles near my pussy. Suddenly, the reply came.

‘Hard yet flexible. Where do you want my poem?’ it said. Despite knowing what to say, I was excited.

‘Somewhere deep. But the road is slippery.’ My tongue was in my cheek.

‘It will be a joyful ride. Wanna see my pen…?’ Too fast, but good. I thought.

‘Show me your “pen”… and I will show you my slippery road.” I was exploding from inside.

Unfortunately, waiting was the hardest part of Reddit sexting.

It was super hard to wait for those 5 minutes and then ping!! A picture came. A yummy bunch of dick pics. First off, as far as cocks go, I’d say he could have been a dick model! Secondly, his body was out of this world gorgeous, and I’m not just saying that because I have a massive crush on him.

My mouth was watering at the sight. As I studied that specimen of organ, my fingers were into my shorts and touching my clit. I looked above, nice chest, nice muscles, and oh God!!! Oh my god!!! My fingers were suddenly inside my vagina. And I moaned. Mr. William!! This is him. Oh god!! How many times I had imagined him fucking me on the school table and now his penis was in front of me. Oh, god!!! And I am sexting with him. I again looked at his pen, his lines, his body, his face, and imagined him plunging into me.

Oh my god!! Thank you Reddit sexting, and thank you universe! My fingers were rhythmic and suddenly I shuddered. It was a powerful orgasm.

‘Hello????’ Mr. Williams was writing. Controlling my shivering fingers, I typed. ‘This cock…I mean pen, is my favorite. When can I lick it?’ Then I took my phone and clicked a photo of my slick pussy. The clear juice was smeared all around the mound and I sent the picture with the caption – ‘And this is the road. Want to ride it…?’

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