Record breaking sex stories that make you think.

Everybody has done something in their sex life and thought dam that is one for the Guinness Book Of World Records. Well, let’s just say unless you can top these record breaking sex stories you are out of luck. I think these stories are going to be hard to top. And if you can top them then we definitely need to talk.

Record breaking sex stories #1, the biggest collection of penises.

I mean I have a lot of dildos and vibrators but to say I collect them would probably be false. I buy them and use them. Never would I display them. If you want to see the largest display of penises you will have to travel to Iceland, they have a museum that is home to 282 penises. This collection comes from 93 different species, even human ones. Do you think that is kinda freaky? I do.

Record breaking sex stories #2 goes to the woman with the most kids.

Valentina Vassilyeva had birthed 69 children. Her births included 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets. Pregnant 27 times between 1725 and 1765. I wonder if condoms would have been around back then would she have used them? In today’s life, the record is held by a Ugandan woman who is 37 years old and has 38 children, She birthed 6 sets of twins 4 sets of triplets, 3 sets of quadruplets, and 2 single births. I have no words for these stories.

Moving on to record breaking sex stories #3, let’s talk orgasms.

in 1966 a woman had a 45-second orgasm consisting of 25 contractions. Have any of you guys times a woman’s orgasms and counted the contractions? Never have I been with a guy that has done that. I wonder how they know this is true? The most orgasms in an hour were by a woman in 2009. She achieved these at the masturbate-a-thon in Denmark. She reached 222 orgasms. Not quite sure how long it took or how she even had the energy to accomplish that.this is were the longest masturbation session of 7 hours and 6 minutes. All I can say is DAMN.

#4 on the record breaking sex stores is about the biggest orgy.

This took place in Japan with 500 people. Why didn’t I know about this? I would have gone.

#5 record breaking sex stories is the most sex in 1 day.

October 2004 was this record breaking sex stories. If you guessed it was a porn star named Lisa that got this record, you would be correct. In less than 24 hours she had sex with 919 guys, spending 94 seconds with each man.

And the last record-breaking sex stories go to the man with the longest hang time.

A guy actually shot his cum 18 feet 9 inches. I do have to say that it is very impressive. Doesn’t everyone feel bad for the girl on the receiving end of that? I know I do. I wonder if an escort or hooker has seen hang time like that? These people have definitely earned some bragging rights. If you are ready to earn some bragging rights call your favorite phone sex operator Eve and we can earn some bragging rights together with record-breaking phone sex.

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