Adult nursing relationship, fun, exciting and kinky.

Adult nursing relationship, Michael and I are always looking to add new and exciting ideas into our sex life. He came home from work one day and told me about ANR. His coworker Shawn and his wife have been doing this for about a year. ANR stands for adult nursing relationship. Liking how excited Michael was to begin this, I did some research and realized it was going to take some preparation.

Beginning with Michael sucking on my big breasts several times a day.

Almost like feeding a baby. Next, Shawn’s wife gave me a list of herbs to take that help boost lactation. I’m going to be honest, the time Michael and I spend alone together several times a day is nice. It has become our time together. We are both excited to have the milk come in. The day it came in was a wonderful day. It was a Sunday morning and we were going to go to breakfast and shopping. Plans changed as he began to suck and milk came out.

Staying in bed all day Michael nursed off of me several times.

Our adult nursing relationship has now become official. I am now producing breast milk and loving it. The relationship Michael and I have has become so much more sensual and loving since we began the adult nursing relationship journey.

I am so happy that Shawn and Michael have the type of friendship where they can open up to each other about their sexual preferences.

When Michael and I cannot be together I have to pump my breasts. Doing this seems so impersonal. Using the milk to make some kind of dessert for him helps with the emptiness I feel when I do pump. We set the alarm 30 minutes before we used to so I can feed him. Waking up and holding him in my arms I guide his head toward my nipple. Taking my breast and rubbing it against his lips telling him to open up and drink. He opens his mouth as I insert my nipple in there and he closes his lips and begins to drink.

This is how the adult nursing relationship works.

Not only has it added exciting fun to our lives it has also increased my sex drive. Because he is sucking on my tits it turns him on and also me. My pussy gets so wet when he drinks my milk. It is a feeling I can’t describe.

The sex we had before was amazing but now it is amazing times 2.

When he is done drinking from both of my tits I move his head up to my lips and kiss him. Tasing my milk from his lips is such a sensual sensation. Sending chills throughout my body that I have never felt before. Michael said the same thing about the first drop of milk that touched his lips. The adult nursing relationship may not qualify for any record-breaking sex stories but I do highly recommend it for anyone that wants to add something new into the bedroom. If you are ready to hear more about my new adventure in the bedroom call me for the best fetish phone sex around.

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