I did not cry out, though in my head, I could hear the shrieks. Hey! Its cock was at least 14″ long and had not yet slowed it’s growth! Though, I must confess, that even while I screamed with fear inside, my tight, wet little pussy began to swell and loosen, watching each stroke of that frightening cock!

As I thought of whether I had more fear, or was more sexed up, it saw within me. It had decided to take me whether, or not I wanted it to. It began to force that giant cock down my throat, causing me to gag; spittle pouring from the corner’s of my mouth and down over my chin, to pool on my tits. I heard It moan like a moving train’s horn. It poured its cum down my throat and I fought the urge to throw it up. There was so much of it!

That really turned the BEAST on; tearing my tightly gripped legs apart! It was going to TAKE ME…by FORCE!
Still the screams never quite made it from head to mouth, as I felt him mount me, causing wetness between my legs, to pool under my ass.

It entered me without hesitation and this time…the screams had no problem making it from my lips! I screamed and cried out, but it only heighten the BEAST’S excited strokes in and out of me. It was ripping me apart with that giant cock! As I neared the kind of pain which causes unconsciousness…it kicked in. Not sure if it was the will to survive, or the need to FUCK! But, something took hold of me!!!

Planting my feet flat on my bed between its legs, I managed to meet the strokes. Riding up and down that magnificent cock! I FORCED IT to go deeper…deeper…deeper still; inside my undersized little hole.

It rode me until it came in buckets…flooding the bed and me. My thighs were dripping. It looked down at me and grinned the grin of the Truly Wicked. With a single hand, it flipped me over and before I could catch a breath, it slammed that cock into my tight, soaking wet ass!

Through the pain, blood and ecstasy, I filled the night with moans of satisfaction, cumming from both pussy and ass, squirting my cum across the room. Its last assault was to lay its lips just outside my pussy and onto my inner thigh. It opened its mouth for what was to be its final kiss. And as I awaited that kiss..I felt it! A horrible joy ran from that thigh to my brain. I realized, it had bitten me…and was drinking my blood.

After that I blacked out and when I began to awaken, I saw the sun rising through the same window through which I saw snow falling hours ago. Was I awakening into yet another dream?I inched painfully to sit and glanced out the window to see that in fact, snow HAD fallen…just as in my dream. I swung my feet and legs off the side of my bed and felt as if I had been beaten with a bat between my legs…and giggled at the power of dreams.

I looked down at my thighs and saw it! My legs were deeply bruised with what appeared to be…very large finger prints. And to my shock/horror/bliss, or all of the above…two tiny, swollen holes were in my skin! I lay back on my bed. half afraid, half curious…totally satisfied…and mused…'”This was no dream! It was He who walks behind the shadows…The Incubus”.

But, what the BEAST never realized in claiming his Beauty…was, that I…am the long trapped, Succubi! Cumming to claim all men!

Let Joey the Succubus into your bed tonight!


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