Dear Diary: Real Sex Stories, Confessions With My Husband

Real sex stories, confessions with my husband! It’s been so long since I was completely honest with my husband and it’s getting harder to keep my secrets. I have a whole life that he’s not a part of and I miss the closeness we used to have. I thought about the right way to do this. Then, I decided that it would be best if I brought it up while we were relaxing in bed. We were in bed trying to get to sleep and I was so scared as I tried to start the conversation.

I didn’t want to him think less of me so I took a laid back approach. That’s when I snuggled up to him and he put his arm around me, holding me close. I put my head on his chest and could hear his heartbeat as he stroked my hair. I took a deep breath and said “I’ve been thinking about us lately, I miss the spark we used to have in the bedroom. Remember how we couldn’t keep our hands off each other?” For the last little while my hands have been busy but with other people and it made life more exciting. I was more energetic and looked forward to things more.

I couldn’t tell him everything that I’d done because marriage vows are important but I could tell him in a way that made it sound like fantasies. He asked what he could do to make things better and I told him that I’d been fantasizing about what it would be like to dress up like a schoolgirl and be punished by my teacher. I knew he’d like that and I’d like the spanking that came with it. His hand went down to my ass.

He breathed faster as he told me what else I wanted.

This was going good and I told him that I wanted to fuck a woman, have her finger me while I sucked on her breasts. He shifted and squeezed his dick through the sheets as I told him how I wanted to lick her pussy and have her cum all over my face. Then, I thought of Darnell, the hot young teen I fucked at our church, and told him that I wanted a big black dick to fuck. I wanted to meet a stranger at a hotel and have sex all night long. Finally, I wanted a threesome and handcuffs and vibrators.

Memories turned me on and I was ready for it when my husband rolled me onto my back. “I want to fuck a stranger while you watch us,” I said as he shoved my legs apart and his dick brushed over my pussy. Next, I reached down and guided him into me as I kept telling him all the things I’d done behind his back, confessing without incriminating myself. Finally, I told him that I wanted to dress like a prostitute and be picked up on a street corner than fucked like a slut.

His dick slid into my soaking wet pussy easily. He went on me hard and fast, panting as he told me how hot I was. We fucked wild like we had done when we first started dating. My nails scratched his back as I rocked under him. He pounded my ass into the mattress and my pussy throbbed as I begged him to go harder. His dick rammed into me, bruising me. Then, making me ache, as I closed my eyes and pretended he was someone else.

His dick swelled and he came quickly, breathing on me as cum shot in me.

He got off me and looked wild like he wanted to go again. I’d really done something to him and I knew our bed was going to get a hell of a workout tonight. Are you into real sex stories? Perhaps you’d like to become part of one of my real sex stories? I’d love that and I know you will too! Call one of the Phone Sex Numbers and let’s make some real sex stories of our own! More of my best sex story can be found here!

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