I Am Infatuated With Erotic Interracial Play. I Like Em Big!

I’d say it’s actually more than an infatuation with regards to interracial play, it’s an obsession. I love everything about it and frankly, to say I can’t get enough is more than an understatement. You see, I used to be the type of broad who liked only one kind of meat. I’m naturally a creature of habit and I stuck or shall I say sucked to the kind of meant I was used to. hahaha! I don’t always like change, but when I was introduced to interracial play, that’s when everything changed for me.

My sexual horizons were broadened and my inner BBC queen was released. My first interracial play experience, made me realize that I never wanted to go with like that ever again. I’ll never forget my first interracial play experience and I’d never want to either. I was nervous at first, because of all the rumors I had heard. All the girls in my neighborhood kept saying how after they had fucked a BBC, they were “walking funny”afterward. To be honest I didn’t want anything to do with that. Not at first anyway.

It wasn’t until my good friend Javon mentioned to me that I had a body specifically designed for BBC.

I looked at him and laughed. He said, “No, I am serious. You got that phat ass, them huge titties and thick thighs. You can handle it alright.” Without skipping a beat, I told him exactly what I thought of BBC and the rumors from my girlfriends. No thank you I told him in so many words. Having my pussy tore up, wasn’t exactly high on my to-do list. No way, no how. But then, I got to thinking! It was only the real skinny ones, who always talked about how much it hurt. I began to think that Javon had a good point.

Still, though, I didn’t know. Up until that point I knew only one kind of meat and I didn’t want to switch it up. Cock is like Chinese carryout, either it’s fucking amazing or FUCK that was horrible. In the end, I wasn’t going to know for sure, unless I tried it. So, suffice to say the next time Javon and I hung out, I started to ask him more questions about it. First, I asked him how big his cock was and since we were good friends, I asked if he’d be the one to introduce me to it.

Without skipping a beat, he jumped at the chance.

He immediately stood up, dropped his pants and well, there he was naked from the waist down and right in front of my face. All I could do for a LONG moment, was staring at his cock. It was exactly how the other chics described. It was big, thick and very hard! I could feel my pussy ache, as I clenched my muscles. Kind of how your mouth does, when you’re eager to savor a particular flavor. Within moments, I could feel my juices start to flow and I figured this was the go big or go home moment. I chose to go big!

Right then, I leaned back on my elbows, spread my legs and told him to covert me!

Well, convert me he did and then some. He pulled my panties over to the side and licked my pussy until I blew my juicy load all over his face. I came so hard, my pussy was gushing with anticipation. I laid all the way down and braced myself, I knew this was going to hurt. He whispered in my ear, “Are you ready V?” I took a deep breath and HOLY FUCKING SHIT 11 inches of hard throbbing cock made its way into my tight pink pussy. Javon didn’t stop to pause or anything. He gripped me up by my thick ass cheeks, pulled me into him and he plowed my cunt harder than she’s ever been plowed before.

Finally, I had a feel for some new kind of meat. Some interracial meat and I loved every single inch of it. Javon and I never fucked again, although we’re still very good friends, he takes credit for my new obsession. I want to tell you every detail of what happened, it didn’t stop with him plowing me. To find out, call me and let’s do some hot interracial play of our own!

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