Enjoy This Real Sex Story: Potty Play Is Best With A Friend

Enjoy This Real Sex Stories: Potty Play Is Best With A Friend. Men are good for so many things, but I think they’re best when they degrade themselves for me. Why? Because there are so many big, strong men who can fuck my brains out all night, but it takes real strength to give up complete control to little old me.

I get to see just how much power I have over them and it makes me feel so sexy. I wanted to really make a man into a pathetic little bitch who was only good enough to eat my shit. Craig was perfect for that. I told him that he was going to spend one night as my personal toilet slave and I wasn’t taking ‘No’ for an answer.

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I made sure I was nice and full for him. Then, by the time he finally got to my place I was bursting. My stomach felt like a big heavy ball and I was full of piss. That’s when I made him get naked then took him into the bathroom so he could lie on a towel I’d put out for him and squatted over his face. Then, I told him to open wide and began pushing down on my stomach muscles.

I felt my asshole widen and moaned as I started to shit in his mouth. It was a big piece and it fell into him with a plop. Then, I could hear him chewing it and making gagging noises as the smell of shit filled the room and I started squeezing out another piece. Finally, I made him eat it up and the pressure in my stomach got better as I kept going.

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I managed to get one last tiny ball out then told him to lick my ass clean. His tongue flicked over my hole, spreading shit all over me and I felt so dirty. He lapped away at me and it reminded me of a dog trying to lick up the crumbs off the floor. I pressed down on his tongue, making him get a good taste of me and shivered at the roughness of him.

I let him lick me for a minute then got ready for something even more delicious. “You need something warm to wash down all that shit,” I told him and pushed a hand on my bladder, groaning at the aching pain as my muscles let go. A hissing sound filled the room as a hard stream of piss splashed on him and I closed my eyes, letting my body do what it needed to.

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I must have pissed for a minute before it started to slow down and I forced out every last drop. I rubbed my pussy over his mouth a few times to get the last drops of piss of my lips. Then, I stood up and smiled. He looked fucking filthy lying there naked with piss dribbling down his chin. Of course, he looked even more pathetic, with bits of shit covering his lips and teeth.

I put my foot over his half ­hard dick, rubbing it as I said, “Do you know how disgusting you are? You should be grateful I let you have part of me tonight because you deserve nothing. ”His dick twitched as humiliation filled him and I laughed at him. “god, you’re such a loser. Get dressed and go home. ”I told him and got ready to go out for some fun because I was now in a mood to get laid. Are you ready to be my fucking toilet? Call me and enjoy one of the naughtiest sex dolls in the Kingdom.

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