Crazy Sex Stories: My Freaky Uncle Loves To Eat My Shit!

Crazy sex stories: my freaky Uncle loves to eat my shit! My Aunt Lindsay just got my Uncle Derek into a ton of shit and I mean that literally. I was telling her about the problems I was having with my laptop. She said I could come over and use Uncle Derek’s for an hour while he was out. It sounded fine to me so I went over and may have taken a look at his history. I know he’s a bit on the fun side with a fondness for young girls like me, but it turns out he had another kink too.

I texted him to come by my place because I knew his little secret and we had to deal with it now or else I’d tell Aunt Lindsay. He wanted to know what I meant but I didn’t answer him back. Instead, I sent him a picture of my thong covered ass. I wanted him nervous as hell and so curious that he’d be running to me. An hour later I answered the door in my bra and thong and let him in. I was very eager for him to come over, I’d been waiting all day to go the bathroom.

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He saw the way I was dressed and got a look of excitement on his face as he asked me what I knew. I told him that Aunt Lindsay had let me borrow his laptop and I knew all about his nasty scat fetish. I could either keep it a secret or I could tell Aunt Lindsay. The choice was his but if he wanted me to keep my mouth shut then he’d have to open his. He seemed unsure and I told him to follow me and went into the bathroom where I had a towel lying on the floor for us.

I told him to take my thong off with his teeth, then lie down. I turned my back to him as he got down on his knees and his teeth scratched my skin as he gripped my thong with them and began pulling them down. They fell to my ankles and I told him to hurry up because I had a big hot load all ready for him. He laid down and I squatted over his face, spreading my cheeks as I put my hole right above his mouth. I moaned as I squeezed my muscles and felt my hole widen as a nice big piece of shit began to squeeze out.

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I kept going and felt it slide out of me and Uncle Derek made a gagging noise as it plopped into his mouth. “Eat it all up,” I told him and could hear him making chewing gagging noises as he ate it. “Get ready for more,” I said as I felt some more pressing its way out. I relaxed my hole and pressed down, squeezing out a smaller lump then another one. He ate both turds and I tried to get more out, but couldn’t. I pushed my ass against Uncle Derek’s mouth and told him to lick me clean.

He flicked his tongue over me quickly and I told him he could do better than that. Then, he gave my ass a longer lick, sliding over my hole and I told him to keep going. He licked me again and again, making me wet as he moved over me. It was so hot knowing I’ve reduced my uncle to a dirty ass licker. I could use it against him when I wanted. When my ass was covered in his spit I stood up and gave him my best baby frown face “Now stay off those kinky websites or else I’ll have to deal with you again.” I told him and he flushed with embarrassment. Want more crazy sex stories? Cum here and get them. I’ve got the best in kinky sex stories and fantasy role plays.

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