A Girl And Her Two Sissie Sluts. Does It Get Any Better?

There’s nothing like playing with not one, but two sissie sluts! I spent a great night with two of my sissie sluts and I bet they’re still on a high. I chose Alex and Dani to be the lucky bitches I played with and told them to come prepared for a party, just the three of us.

They came dressed in their boy clothes and I made them change before the fun started. Under their clothes, they had on sexy bras and panties and I stopped them when they went to put on their girly clothes. I liked seeing them in their lingerie and I made them pretty their faces up with makeup while I got us some nice cold drinks. I passed them around as I checked out the job they’d done and was amazed how sexy they looked.

They were getting good at this; their lips were dark red and their eyes were smoky black. I had to reward them for being good little sissies and lit up a joint, taking a hit before giving it to Alex. “You look so hot.” I murmured, breathing out onto Dani as I slid a hand up her pantyhose covered leg and cupping her bulging panties. I rubbed her dick with the palm of my hand as I took the joint off Alex and held it up to Dani’s mouth.

She inhaled deeply as I told Dani to feel how hard she was getting.

I took my hand away and Dani stroked Alex through her panties, making her moan and a drop of pre­cum stained the front of them. “I think the horny slut likes you,” I said and Dani pushed her panties down, making her dick spring up. She hesitated and I told her to jerk off Alex. “Go on, show her how good it feels when someone else does it.” Dani blushed as she began pumping Alex’s dick and Alex tilted her head back, moaning loudly. “Do you want more?” I teased her and she looked so embarrassed, but she never said she wanted to stop.

“I know what you’ll really love but you have to beg for it.” I said, putting my hand on Dani, stopping her from moving. “Please,” Alex said, bucking her hips up and I gave a little stroke before she begged again. “I need it, please. It feels good and I like it,” she said whining and panting, her horniness making her lose her dignity. I slid my hand under Dani and rubbed her dick. I pushed her head down on Alex, making her swallow all seven inches. Next, I played with Dani as she sucked off Alex, listening as my sissie sluts moaned and grunted.

It felt so good knowing I could make them do anything I wanted.

I whispered in Dani’s ear, telling her to keep her lips tight as she sucked him harder. She kept going as Alex shuddered and clenched her hand on mine, forcing Dani all the way down. Dani gagged as Alex shot her load in his mouth. I laughed, holding her down until she swallowed all of it. Dani’s dick was peeking out of her panties, but she had to wait because I wanted another drink before we played another party game. It’s better to get the Sissie Sluts drunk, before moving on to Shove The Dick In The Hole. Are you a sissie slut? How about a panty boy? Don’t worry precious, Veronica will take good care of you!

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