Real Sex Stories. The first time Dodge saw Rose.

I got home late one night and didn’t turn on any lights. Noticing the windows across from me were wide open, I stared for a bit and removed my clothes. I couldn’t help but sit down naked as a j-bird. What happened next were real sex stories.

As soon as I did, there she was! She was absolutely gorgeous, walking through her apartment in her bra and a pair of pantyhose. As she watched TV she slowly removed her hose, maybe that’s where my stocking fetish started. Man, I couldn’t believe she was sitting there, nude, watching TV!

What happened next surprised the hell out of me. I watched as she slid her hands up the sides of her gorgeously perfect body. Her red nails lightly grazed against her fair skin. That made her look like a nasty little slut.

She moved her hands up to her perky breasts and began to roll her fingers around her pink nipples. I wanted to feel them in my mouth so bad. And watched as she pulled on them, pinched them and massaged her breasts.

I was completely hooked and not to mention hard as a fucking rock. She continued to knead her fleshy breasts with one hand, she brought the other hand up to her mouth. She slowly inserted her finger into her mouth and sucked on it like a cock! As if I wasn’t horny enough, she’s sucking my cock now!

She slowly rubbed her clit in slow movements. I could see her pussy, all pink, wet and absolutely inviting. She inserted her finger into her hole and arched her back. Real sex stories couldn’t describe it better. Like something you’d hear on a free phone sex line or maybe on one of those phone sex recordingsyou know fetish talk.

I could have cum at any point by then, but I wanted to wait for her. I wanted to share her climax, even if she didn’t know.

Real Sex Stories. I watched as she brought herself closer and closer to the edge.

Finally with a few jerks and her body going tense she came. Her hand slowed down and rubbed her clit in a slow but firm circle as she worked her climax to its peak. At the same time, I felt the warmth begin to flow up the shaft of my throbbing cock. Before I knew it, my cock exploded with my thick cum, covering my thighs and the chair. My stroking slowed and I tried to match her.

As her climax began to subside so did mine. She relaxed her body on the couch. I could see her chest heaving as she regained her breath. She brought her fingers up to her nose and inhaled. Then she slipped her fingers one at a time into her mouth, sucking off her sweet juices. I could tell that she let out a giggle. I couldn’t hear it, but I saw her ample breasts bounce as she did.

From then on I watched her waiting for real sex stories to tell. I always made a point to check her place as soon as I got home from work. It was definitely a great way to relax after a rough day at work.

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