Real sex stories, How I got fucked hard earlier today!!

Real sex stories, How I got fucked hard earlier today. So some of you know that I have roommates and it’s not always the easiest having company over. Well, earlier today I went on a date with this super hot guy. It was one of the nicest lunch dates I have ever had. I went out to eat at a nice restaurant, nothing too special but perfect for intimate conversation. After lunch, we decided to go on a nice little hike on an abandoned trail. New England is beautiful this time of year, the trees are changing into the most beautiful colors. We walked for a good mile and not a person was in sight.

We have been seeing each other for a while now but the conversation of what I did for work at night never came up until then. So a little nervous I told him that I am a phone sex operator, I have no shame when it comes to my job but I really like him so I didn’t want him to judge. As we’re walking down this beautiful path he started to put his hands all over me. So I slid my hand down his pants and started to play with his cock as we walked. Walking in perfect unison his precum lubing my hand as I stroked him.

Real sex stories, Fucked in the woods!

He couldn’t take it anymore he had to have me! We entered a clearing and he threw me down into the long grass pulling my tight jeans off with liquid motion. He thrust his throbbing cock inside of me he was so big I felt completely stretched open. I was pounded hard and deep until he came inside of me like an explosion. I could feel the hot shot of cum shooting deep into my tight cunt. When we were finished we decided to walk back to the car and the entire way I could feel his massive cum load oozing out of me filling my panties with cum.

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