I love sharing my real sex stories and my new part-time job gives me a lot of naughty stories to tell.   With the holiday season right around the corner, I decided to get a little part-time gig to make a little extra money.  I was quickly hired by Uber for a couple days a week.  The hours are flexible and it seemed like a lot of fun.  However, some of the customers or clients really are assholes and jerks.  On the weekends is where they get a little rowdy.

I had picked up several inebriated clients on Friday night, as a matter of fact, most of them were.  Some were sweet, some funny, but my last rider was just a downright asshole.   When he got in my truck he started to complain about the music, how long it took me to get there and the list goes on.   I remained professional and offered him bottled water or a beverage while he was riding.  He barked that was the least I could do since he had been waiting.  He said he needed to make a stop, before reaching his final destination.  The entire ride he complained and talked shit, I just wanted him to shut the fuck up.

The real sex stories start forming in my head!

Real sex stories started to run through my mind as soon as he exited the car at his first stop.   When we arrived at the 1st stop he jumped out and slammed the door so hard I thought the window might break.  He turns around to bang his fist on the car window and said, “Keep the fucking car running” Then he gallops across the street into a large apartment building.  Once he disappeared into the building I reached to the back seat and grabbed his bottle of fruit juice and decided to “Bill Cosby” this fucker.

I  quickly slipped 2 Quaaludes in his juice, vigorously shook it up and placed it back on the back sit in its original position.   After about 10 minutes I saw the customer jogging back across the street and then he jumped back inside of the vehicle.   He rudely yelled out the address to our next destination and began to chug the Quaalude laces juice.   I watch in my rearview as he sucked it down, burping when done.  I watched him drift in and out until finally, he lay on my back seat, snoring.  Right then I knew what I would do with him.   I called my she-male phone sex girlfriend and gave her the address to meet me at.   She was there waiting when I arrived.

I bet you are dying to know what happened and believe me; I cannot wait to tell you all about it.  Maybe you should call me so I can give you all the naughty details that way you don’t have to wait till part 2.

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