Are kinky forced sex stories causing you to stroke these days? Thinking of making your next taboo phone sex call so dirty you need a naughty accomplice? Don’t worry, I am the perfect partner in crime. So get ready because tonight we go out on the prowl for the sticky icky sweets you crave. Let’s make your forced sex fantasy made to order. You can have it your way, all you have to do is tell me your dreams and desires, no matter how dark they are.  How extreme do you want to get?

Forced sex fantasy your way!

What about that hottie from the mall?  Damn, she is ripe for the picking.   Sweet, young, and impressionable just the way we like them.   I should offer her a trusting ride home as she sits and waits outside for her no-show ride.  My sweet trusting face will reassure her that there is no danger.   So she gets in the call without hesitation and buckled her seat belt.  I smile, but inside it was like fireworks thinking about the forced sex fantasy we had planned.

I got the address to where she wanted to go and pulled off.   We had small chat about her classes and friends, I also text you to let you know I picked up our special package and I was on my way home.   You are so excited, you have been wanting this and your moment is finally here.  You grab the rope, ball gags, nipple clamps and anything else to make this night perfect and wait for me to arrive.

Too late to turn back now!!!

By the time she realizes I have missed her turn I grab the chloroform soaked rag on the seat next to me and covered her face with it.   I call you to let you know I am pulling into the garage and to come to get our package.    We kiss and you carry her into to house for a night or two of forced sex and taboo fun.

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Taboo Phone Sex