Real sex stories?  I got a million, but this is something else altogether

I love sharing all my real sex stories with you naughty boys, and I love all the little kinky twists that come from them. Here is a real dirty little secret I’ve been keeping from everyone….

I recently made a new friend online. We have been talking for a little while and I would love to have him join me in my bedroom. Now, I have told you about my cuckold hubby. He is more than happy to watch me get fucked by all sorts of men, and I gladly do it. I love it, but this one…. I don’t want to share him.

There is something about him that I can’t quite define. When we talk he makes my stomach do back-flips. It feels like ages since I have felt that sort of excitement. It’s quickly becoming a truly guilty pleasure of mine. Every time I see that notification pop up my heart beats a little faster and my pussy throbs. I’m not sure why he has this effect on me, but I am enjoying every fucking word.

I don’t know if we will ever meet face to face, but I know if we do I will immediately surrender any shred of self-control I have left.  I will have no choice.  Somehow, he has ignited something inside of me.  I’d do anything to please him.  I don’t doubt that he could make me do whatever he wanted.  I want to feel him thrusting inside of me, filling me.  No, I don’t want it.  I need it.

It’s all so absolutely intoxicating.  Even as I’m writing this, my stomach is all tied up in knots.  All I know is, I’m being turned on like never before, and I truly hope we get to make some real sex stories of our own.

You know you want to have some hot phone sex inspired by my dirty little secret?  You know what to do…