My poorly-hung hubby is going to fuck my mom and make her crave a real cock.

“Fuck my mom.”  I never thought I would say those words, and I like to think of myself as open-minded.   My mother is a beautiful woman.  I can’t say I never noticed. I have fantasized about Mommy Dearest my entire sexual life.  This, however, is something altogether different.

I have spoken about the open relationship I have with my cucky hubby. This is just something my mother doesn’t understand. Of course, this is something I tried to keep secret for quite some time, but it’s a pretty big secret to hide. Eventually, she became privy to all my dirty laundry and has urged me to see the error of my ways. She hasn’t even got a fucking clue.

I am left so unsatisfied every time hubby and I have sex.  He does try, but unless he can grow a few more inches of dick, we are just out of luck.  When he is inside of me I feel almost nothing.  A tiny bit of pressure, but I might as well forget about cumming.

Sure, he can make me cum orally, but having my pussy licked always just makes me feel like I need to be stuffed with a big slab of cock meat.

If she had any idea how much I needed a nice big hard cock, she might understand. I saw Daddy’s cock. She wouldn’t know the first thing about being married to a man with such a disheartening dick. I think hubby needs to show her. He needs to stiffen up his little worm and fuck my mom. Show her how little he really has to offer.

I want his pathetic, bitty cocklette to have her begging for a big, thick, strong dick. She will understand once she has him on top of her thrusting like mad, her poor puss won’t feel a thing. Soon, Mommy is going to know what it feels like to crave a bigger better cock. Hubby is going to fuck my mom with his petite pecker and show her what I’m missing.

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