Time for another entry from my incest diaries, don’t you think?  Let me tell you about my daddy…

For all of you big fans of incest phone sex…are you ready for another tale of incest and intrigue? A particular memory has bubbled to the surface, recently. I’ve been thinking about it a lot in my alone time

Privacy was hard to come by in the house I grew up in. There was never a time we were truly ever alone. I feel a lot of sympathy for my parents, especially daddy. He was a stoic man of few words. He kept to himself as much as he could, but in our home that could be a difficult thing.

One particularly brisk day I was sent home from school for my skirt being too short (prudes, amiright?) and walked the few blocks home to change. My dad’s truck was sitting in the drive and thought to myself, “Shit! I just wanted to come home and change without my parents knowing!”

I slinked in the back door trying to go unnoticed by my father. There was no sign of him downstairs from what I could tell, so I started creeping up the stairs, making sure to step in the right spots to avoid creaking. When I got to the top, I couldn’t believe what I saw!

Spread out on the bed and naked as the day he was born, was my father. He was running his strong, rough hand up and down his rock hard cock. I hadn’t seen a cock that big.  The mental image of my father suddenly shifted to one of lust and incest.

Shock washed over me. Completely transfixed. I crept closer, staying against the wall for good measure. I didn’t catch his attention, however. As I got closer I could hear his soft moans. The sound sent shivers down my spine and made my belly lurch. His cock glistened as he ran his fingers up and down his shaft.

I wanted so badly to wrap my own fingers around it. I knew incest was wrong. But the trickle of my juices running down my inner thigh reminded me that I didn’t give a fuck. I was getting up the nerve to make my presence known, but then he started moaning louder and his cock reddened in his hand and he started shooting thick white ropes of cum from his throbbing cock. My mind will never forget the noises he made as he spurted. I had missed my chance to play, but that little show daddy gave me was plenty to fuel my own fantasies.

I tiptoed back to my room and waited. As soon as the coast was clear, and I was sure he had left, I flopped down on my bed and pulled up my skirt and began my own naughty private time, thinking of incest and daddy’s big boner.

We should have some naughty private time, you and I.
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