Real Sex Stories? All of my stories are real sex stories. Including Age play. Age play phone sex is some of the hottest phone sex you will ever have.

Age play has to be in my top 3 favorite fantasies. Is there a young temptress in your life you can’t stop thinking about? I learned how to use my body to get what I wanted from men. Batting my pretty green eyes, twirling my long red locks around my finger and wiggling on my targets lap. Even at a very young age, I would get excited at the thought of having men wrapped around my finger. I still get excited at the thought of Age play phone sex. *Giggle* If I’m being totally honest phonesex can be hotter than anyone of my real sex stories.

For me Age Play isn’t just one of my real sex stories, it’s a way of life. I love pretending to be young and Innocent. I like being the naive little girl you coax into doing what you want just so you won’t tell her daddy. The last thing I’d ever want my daddy to find out, is that his princess is a naughty cock loving, cum slurping SLUT. Mommies may not like me, but Daddies really do and that’s all that matters anyway, right?

Dressing the part is also very important to me. Pig Tails or long braids with a cute t-shirt, and jean mini skirt. White Cotton or frilly panties to cover my smooth hairless pussy. What kind of outfit would you like to see this naughty girl in?

I’m a daddy’s girl, I will do anything for my sexy daddy. I will admit sometimes I am a bad girl on purpose. Girls that behave badly get SPANKED, and I do love a good dose of punishment.

Ever experienced age play?

Wanna turn one of my real sex stories into a sexy role play fantasy?

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