Family Sex Stories Shh. Don’t tell your Mom and Dad

Family sex stories are some of the hottest! Though it’s forbidden, things that are forbidden feel the naughtiest. You are about to read one of my hottest family sex stories. This one comes from the beginning…

He came into the bathroom
And smiled a sweet smile.
I was certain, he would be embarrassed and turn around and close the door.

But He stayed.
Shutting the door and locking it behind him.

Placing an “shhh” finger over my lips, as he leaned down to kiss me.

“Don’t be scared”

He fumbled at his belt and zipper, stepping closer towards me.

“Open your mouth”

I shook my head ” NO”.

” Be a good girl, and open your mouth”

Looking up at him. I wanted to be a good girl.
I didn’t want to make him angry.

Letting my lips rest against it. He mouthed ” use your tongue”.
I licked it…

It got bigger.. wider… HARDER.

He grabbed my head and guided me.

” No Teeth, Anna”

I drew my lips taught over my teeth.

HE used my mouth, like a pussy.

I felt him TENSE
He Held His breath. . . .

told me I was ” such a good girl” and flooded my young mouth with a tiny river of him.

You’ll never guess who HE was…

I wasn’t always such a nasty girl…
I am made this way.
Now I LOVE my Filthy WORLD
I think I’m gonna stay!


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