Real sex stories of a Pansexual, Polysexual, Kitten, a Sweet Discrete, Slutty Southern MILF.

Real sex stories for me include having sex while on the phone. LOL, it’s one of my favorite tricks to play on a guy. I especially love when he is at work, on the phone with a client or one of his superiors while I suck his cock.

LOL, Cell phone sex can be fun too. LOL, have you ever had a woman twerking her pussy on your cock? Watching her ass bouncing up and down while you are talking on the phone? Have you ever tried not to let your voice show that you are cumming? LOL If you could… You so are not getting good oral sex.

I have been on the phone while having sex with a client, a few times now. LOL, the funny thing is that the client thought I was masturbating. In reality, I was getting my pussy eaten or fingered. A few times a client thought he was listening to me “suck my dildo”. He was really hearing me give my Gentle Dom a blowjob. My clients did not last long enough to hear David cry out with his orgasm. LOL, I have even eaten one of my girlfriend’s pussy while on the phone with a client. They certainly heard her.

Don’t think for a moment that I was not involved with my client. I was actually so turned on that I could not wait to eat cum. And ok I am always up for some sexual mischief. Especially if I get new real sex stories to share like a new girl for my harem. Or we have mind-blowing sex in a kinky new place or positions LOL or groups.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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