I love it when my amazing clients help me write real-life sex stories after our calls! This submission is from a client of mine, Clint.

If you like real-life sex stories like these, let me know! Here it goes… the beauty of PSK is that you get to explore without judgment.

You can talk about the forbidden, you can blur the lines of your sexuality. And you can find ways to fantasize in a safe environment. The women at PSK represent a huge cross-section of sexual interests and experience.

You can find, as I have done with Olivia, the perfect partner to share all of the dirty things I have ever wanted to experience. I can share all the naughty things I have actually done. And then experience a significant amount of naughty things Olivia has done.

Together we have forged an erotic partnership. We take each other on journeys to bend our limits in order to find out where they are or if they even exist. We also conspire to help others do the same.

One night we stumbled on a gold mine of sexual bounty.

Olivia likes to fuck. She does not date and she does not cuddle – she fucks.

I called one night after she came on and she still had one of her human dildos in the apartment. We will call him E. E was new to Olivia’s world and did not know the protocol that you enter, deposit your cum, and leave or how much she enjoys pretty boy torture.

She was stuck with him. So I got her to coax him into her bedroom. (Olivia generally fucks in living rooms, zoos, museums, and national landmarks).

She put E on the speakerphone. I explained that if he wanted to fuck her again, he would need to let me describe how I was going to devour him and how he was going to service me.

Olivia and I talked about him in the third person and then came up with a plan. Olivia got her very large silver butt plug. Then she told E to spit all over it. Much to his surprise, when it was coated with saliva and spit, she put the end of the plug flush against his virgin asshole.

We talked about penetrating him while she teased his hole with the silver tip. Then, Olivia began to push.

He grunted at first, screamed a little, and then started to moan with pleasure.

Once Olivia got the butt plug in, she stuffed a very dirty, cummy pair of panties in E’s mouth. Then she lowered herself onto his cock and fucked him for the second time that night.

E lasted about five minutes. Olivia didn’t even tell him all the real-life sex stories she had previously done. When he finished, Olivia marked her territory.

She pulled those panties that had been soaked with sticky man-cum from her other playthings that day and reeked of a nasty smelling ass out of his mouth and sat on his face. E goes to eat his own cum, the cum of her other partners, and got to taste her ass in a most intimate way.

Once she is done with E, she has him lay on his back with his head off of the bed. Then she filled his mouth with bright golden jets of piss before she sent him to the shower and then to his home.

E liked it enough to beg her to let him come back.

After ignoring him for weeks, Olivia let him come over and she used him for his sperm and pancake-making abilities before she kicked him out. In part 2, Olivia and I will share the very special plan that we devised for E.

We have planned an evening that will bring him to the realization that he is a submissive that likes to be used, watched, and humiliated.

Olivia and I have these instincts that tell us what people really need and want. We help them imagine who they are before they even know themselves. We know E wants this and we are going to show him the way, stay tuned.

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