What is more fun than watching pretty boy torture?

Well… a little bit of doing it yourself of course! Watching porn and pretty boy torture is so much fun and can definitely get me off. But sometimes a girl just needs a little more to have a blast. At college, it’s so easy to find cute freshmen who are willing to do whatever I want just to have a little bit of hope that they can be getting laid. I hate to give false hope, but it’s so much fun! Who am I to deny a freshmen boy of a little bit of hope?

It wasn’t hard to pick out the perfect boy toy to play with. I saw him when I was leaving the campus, and he was walking with another girl. I went right up to him, and he stopped everything he was doing. Then, I told him I was having a study session at my house off campus later and he should definitely come to check it out. I handed him a napkin with my address on it and told him to show up at eight. The girl he was walking with didn’t seem too excited when I told him to arrive alone.

Eight o’clock arrived very quickly, and he was right on time. I knew he would be. I was wearing a very short black dress with tall stilettos. He looked really good but very innocent. He was one of those types of kids whose parents dropped him off at campus and kissed him goodbye.

Then he came in and was a little confused when I told him no one else was coming.

“Don’t worry… it will just be us tonight. I want to get to know you better,” I whispered into his ear and grabbed his hand. Then, I brought him down to my basement where the fun was going to start. I love BDSM equipment and furniture and my basement definitely showed it off. The look in his eyes was full of curiosity and a little bit of nervousness. I showed him around all the cool furniture like my spanking chair. But what got his attention was my milking table. I’m glad it did because that’s what I wanted to use for my pretty boy torture tonight. When he asked how I used it, I couldn’t help but laugh. Then I asked him if he wanted to try some… very new things with me tonight.

Once he agreed, I told him to strip down. I had to see everything I was working with. He was a little surprised by how blunt I could be, but I think it was a little refreshing since he didn’t have to make decisions. And I would make sure that he didn’t make a single decision tonight. Once he was completely naked, I had him lay down on the milking table. I couldn’t see his nipples, but I knew they were hard against the cold leather of the milking table.

Then, I pulled his cock through the hole in the table for pretty boy torture.

Next, I started stroking his cock slowly through the hole. I could feel it throbbing hard, so I started to go even faster. His moans got me so excited. So I had to crawl under the table and have my mouth around his cock. I could tell he was shocked since he couldn’t see exactly what I was doing, which just made it even more fun. My mouth was going up and down his shaft, giving him a slow sensual blowjob. At first just enough to tease him. He tried to push his cock deeper down my throat but the table prevented him from thrusting inside my mouth. It definitely made him very frustrated. I was able to go at my own pace. Then, I started licking on his balls and I made sure to use my tongue all over them.

I decided he had enough fun. Now it was my turn to have some fun. I got the milking machine which he hadn’t seen yet, and I put it on his cock. It was like a fleshlight. but it was going to be milking him all night long. Not enough for him to cum, but it was going to keep him so frustrated and on edge. This is the type of pretty boy torture that I just love so much.

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