I know of a guy that lives in a real-life BBC cuckold. He is a pathetic little twerp that lives the daily life of a servant. I wouldn’t have ever thought that I’d have the pleasure to meet this weasel. Just day end and day out of living the life of a slave. It’s the best comedy that I’ve ever witnessed. But let me start from the beginning so that you’ll understand.

At the beginning of this real-life BBC cuckold.

I don’t have any clue as to how, but this weak sap had a beautiful wife. Let’s just call her Jessie for this story. She was everything a guy could ask for. A sexy body took care of his sexual needs, a great job, and really made the home a home. He had a great job and a happy home so what more could he ask for. As a matter of fact, he still has the same job. You’ll just need to stay tuned for all of the details.

He like many just knows that he is inadequate in that more important area. SEX! Can you imagine pumping, heavy breathing, and grinding against your lover? The whole while listening to their moans, “yes daddy”, “harder baby”, “oh it’s so good”, knowing that their just loading your ear with a bunch of crap? He knew this and wanting to give his beautiful wife something that he nor any toy that he bought her could. That’s a real man’s cock. Oh, and not just any cock. A big, long, meaty, veiny, woman pleasing cock.

The planning begins.

The pathetic wimp realizes that Jessie works with the perfect MAN. He always hears stories about him trying to push up on his wife, his flirting, staring, etc. Instead of telling his wife to leave it along this idiot brings up that she should bring him home. LOL! “Honey I know that I’m not able to please you the way you should be pleased, so I want you to have some fun”. So Jessie slowly introduces the questions to her co-worker.

Along with that comes the touching, eye to eye contact. Instead of just a fling, he has created the perfect storm for a woman the has never had a wild side but has been yearning for it for so long. This real-life BBC cuckold is going to happen soon.

On the very perfect day (for Jessie that is).

A date is set up, everyone shows up, and unlike the wimp that he is, Dave takes control of the situation. After all, he has been wanting to dive balls deep in Jessie for the longest. Instead of sitting there he gets up and slowly removes his navy bottom-up shirt. Loosens his brown leather belt, then drops his black slacks. He slides off his Stacy Adams while standing in front of Jessie.

Jessie can’t help but look at his cock that’s growing in his briefs. In fact, it’s growing so much that the head of it is starting to poke out of the leg hole. Both of them are staring at it. The wimping husband is impressed, turned on even. Mark looks at the hunger in his wife’s eyes and knows that it’s a done deal for him. Jessie longes for the real man’s cock in that real-life BBC cuckold. As she starts to gag on that huge brown bologna she has the thought that she is actually having fun and not fantasizing about being a hot big tit teacher, or fucking her neighbor for fun.

Real-life passion along with real-life BBB cuckold.

Those two go at it heavily. All while Mark just sits there with those very few inches in his hand. Dave has awakened this passionate Jessie that has never been. He watched her ride on the huge cock, moan on the huge cock, and (here’s the real kicker) he watched her cum on that huge cock. A real orgasm that he has never seen before.

Needless to say, Dave and Jessie fall in love. Mark legally becomes his slave (servant). He is to drink the cum from his cock daily, give all of his pay to Dave, and live with the torture of hearing his wife get pleased with her new live-in lover.

Let’s do a role play about this scenario. Call me for the best cuckold phonesex.

real-life BBC cuckold