I take masturbating to a whole new art form. This is the time I get alone with myself. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a naughty mommy slut that loves fucking others. It is just nice sometimes to be in my room with my toys and me. I make sure I am investing in quality sex toys so I have quality orgasms. Of course, unknown to me, that little shit of a son of mine has installed cameras so I am having Real Hidden Cam Masturbation for his pleasure too!

Our relationship is currently a bit rocky as he is fighting to control and use me. The fucker is allowing his friends to gang-rape me for their amusement as well. It all started with Son Rapes Mommy MILF. The same friends that are raping me now started telling him I am a slut and he needed to rape me. Of course, he is young and impressionable and listens to them.

Who knows how long he has been videoing Real Hidden Cam Masturbation of me?

For all I know he has been spying on me for years and I haven’t known. The only reason I know now is he is telling me about it. Of course, now he feels he owns me and it is his right to watch me all the time. Furthermore, I don’t deserve privacy in his eyes. Therefore, he is going to have cameras wherever he wants and watch me whenever he wants. I am not sure when my kid became such an asshole.

In truth, I love fucking my son. Oh, yes, he is incredible in bed! The sex is out of this world. And, I don’t mind that he is using my real hidden cam masturbation for spank material. I only hate that those wanker friends of his get to enjoy it too. If it were just my son and me, it would be fine, but he is sharing me with all of these other guys. It sucks.

I am there fuck toy, literally.

And, now, I am there porn spank material too. They are all sharing my masturbation time and who knows with who else. I suppose I should be looking at the positive side of all this. It is good for my Busty MILF Phone Sex sessions. All the sex and dirty experiences I am having with these younger guys are good for my callers and the fantasies we are playing out.

That doesn’t mean I am enjoying being loaned out to them, day and night. Furthermore, my son has no respect for me right now. He is reveling in the attention and loving being the “big” man in his group of friends. Honestly, I get it, I do. I want my son to have a good childhood and be popular. I just don’t want him passing me around like a cheap hooker to all these little shits that are assholes to me.

Of course, I don’t have a choice in the matter right now.

If my real hidden cam masturbation is making him happy during his spank sessions, that is making me happy. The downfall is the others are using it too. I can’t control that but I can be okay with him using it. And, when we are fucking, he is bringing up some of the stuff from those videos and getting even naughtier with our sex, which is awesome. If it is making our sex better than I am really happy!

Of course, if those assholes say anything, I may deck one of them. Additionally, that will make my gang-rape sessions go even worse. These younger guys like making it rough already. If I am fighting them, they will only use that to hurt me. I don’t know that I want that so I guess I should behave if they bring up my real hidden cam masturbation. It isn’t worth an ass beating from them.

I am a good slut for his friends and my son.

So tell me something. Would you enjoy watching me masturbating? Wouldn’t that make some great spank material for you? We can do all kinds of fun things if you call me. Role-play out any fantasy you have! Go on, call me, and let’s play!

Real Hidden Cam Masturbation
Real Hidden Cam Masturbation