As a true MILF Sex Goddess, I love a good Real Female Shaking Orgasm.

What do I mean by that, you ask? Well, babe, this isn’t your simple, everyday, run-of-the-mill “gee, that was nice” orgasm. This is a  Real Female Shaking Orgasm. It’s the kind of whole-body pleasure that not even the Best Sex Toy can achieve. It makes a sweet and naughty little phone sex Queen like me question her place in the universe. An orgasm that rocks one’s existence. The kind of sexual pleasure that should come with a Surgeon General’s warning, a supplemental insurance policy, and an automatic traffic violation if it happens within a certain distance of a road. That’s right – an orgasm that leaves Lilah trembling, panting, begging for more, entire body convulsing… The kind of orgasm that one masterful partner gave me tonight.

Read on to hear about Lilah’s dirty, nasty, real female shaking orgasm…

If I’m your regular PSK girl, you might notice that I’m a little… sensual. Possibly more than a little? Okay, maybe a lot. Occasionally, I like to play the MILF whore and let my partner use me. I LOVE when my partner gets all up in my sweet little lady parts and explores – exploits – extracts a screaming orgasm from my long-legged self and my sex-craving pussy. Tonight, I played the MILF domestic goddess and got teased, taunted and this naughty, sexy ass got tapped in the kitchen while washing dishes. The result was a Real Female Shaking Orgasm in which Goddess Lilah came squirting and screaming, penetrated by thick fingers and a rock-hard shaft in her kitchen. There I was: pinned against the counter, being fucked, begging for sweet release. The best of the phone sex fantasies became IRL tonight when my pussy got plowed.

Read on to hear about how I broke ALL the rules and came twitching and squirting all over his cock.

I was washing dishes. So domestic, right? Dishes. But as a MILF Goddess, sometimes those little things have to be done. So there I was, all sweet in my little skimpy, strappy cotton nightgown, bent forward ever-so-slightly in concentration over the sink. I was just minding my own business. The next thing I know, he came up behind me and slid hands up over the outside of my bare thighs.

Higher up he caressed, beneath the hem of my nightgown over my naked hips. Suddenly, he pulled hard backward rocking my body against his. My ass fit perfectly in his groin, his hardening cock settled neatly between my ass cheeks. As I rinsed a plate, his hands came up my waist to cup my breasts. Instantly hard, my nipples tightened between his fingertips. This was just a little foreplay. He was about to force a  Real Female Shaking Orgasm upon me.

Accepting that I was about to get fucked hard I braced myself against the kitchen counter and submitted to his desires.

Thick fingers pinched my hardened nipples, cupped my full breasts; he messaged me into arousal. After leisurely pleasuring me for a few moments, his hands wandered down to my creamy, wet cunt to dip a finger inside. Suddenly, there were two thick fingers sliding in, gliding deep coated in my juices. I knew what I meant when he wanted me to submit to a Real Female Shaking Orgasm. Opening myself up to him, subjecting myself to his will, I willingly spread my thighs. He knew how to make me crave release – fingers circling my swollen clit. From behind, he kissed my neck and whispered in my ear about submission. I needed to accept the pleasure. My body needed his cock so bad. If I was a very good girl, and let him fuck me hard right there, he’d give me the Real Female Shaking Orgasm I craved.

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