…if I was a very good girl, and let him fuck me hard right there, he’d give me the Real Female Shaking Orgasm I craved.

I couldn’t wait another moment. Overwhelming sensations – like throbbing, pulsing, tightening were happening simultaneously all over. My body was in overdrive – so aroused, nipples painfully hard – this MILF was desperate for an earth-shattering, full body Real Female Shaking Orgasm. I’d already creamed my sex-craving pussy when he started touching me and after his thorough explorations my clit was throbbing. I was craving that release that only HE could grant me… if I could just SURRENDER.

A Real Female Shaking Orgasm was in my immediate future, if I could subvert my dominant tendencies and accept his control…

My body was a tool for his pleasure. Desire was just a instrument, a tool, a part of his method of control. “Don’t talk,” he said. “Listen to your body.” His voice in my ear, the sensation of him pressed against me – all hardness and vibrating energy – sent a frission of desire all through me. “Come on, baby,” he whispered. Intense, dominant, urging. He knew what I needed, even if I didn’t want to admit it. My bad habits – that need to be in charge – had led me to him in the first place. Every pure intention I had went out the window as soon as he touched me that first time. The truth was, I only knew how to go too far. I had nothing left to lose.

It was time to accept that my salvation lay within my ability to give up control. My reward would be the Real Female Shaking Orgasm I needed.

An earlier version of me, the one that needed to vie for a dominant position, would have thrust my hips back to try to capture his cock within me. I tensed against him. “Ah, ah. Naughty,” he said. “Rush it, fight me, and I’ll tease you more.” A protest escaped my lips, a mew of argumentativeness that I couldn’t prevent. I wanted my Real Female Shaking Orgasm. Damn all this good girl submission – I wanted him inside. Wrapping my hair around his hand, his hips pinning mine against the counter, he guided my upped body back so he could whisper directly into my ear: “Submission is the ultimate strength. You belong to me.” The strength in his voice made me shiver.

He teased me with his cock, sliding it along the wet lips of my pussy, as I fought my need to take control. He was in charge.

Leaning forward, I embraced the sub space. Allowed my entire body to go pliant and my mind willing. Where a moment ago I was tense with desire, a sense of urgency and competition – I was now calm. Utterly aroused, still under a spell of desire, but also serene and ready to accept the pleasure I deserved. He felt that surrender and in that space of submission, he plunged his cock hard and deep into me – further than I’d ever felt. Thick and insistent, he penetrated my body and sent me into an orgasm that was absolute delicious agony. Body clenching, tensing, convulsing – a Real Female Shaking Orgasm the kind of which I wasn’t sure I’d recover. I collapsed back into his arms, giggling and spent, grateful and heavy with unparalleled pleasure.

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