Real family taboo

I told you how this sexy brother sister sex story started. For those that didn’t know it started with innocent playing. My brother sneaks into my room and plays with me while I am “sleeping”. But the thing is I was awake the whole time. I played his games to see where it would go until I got tired of it. Finally after all the games I let him know I was really awake and he fucked me. Real family taboo is still going on. Even though he’s married it’s not stopping us. The great thing about an affair with your sister is nobody suspects a thing. Since he has moved away it’s not as frequent but it’s still just as good. When they come down to visit they always stay at my place. My brother gets up in the night and sneaks into my room.

It’s like old times. He wakes me up touching me only this time I don’t pretend I am sleeping. We kiss and grope each other. His lips against mine and our tongues in each other’s mouth. He picks me up and puts me in his lap then I push him onto his back. I kiss down my brother’s body until I reach his boxers. Then I remove his boxers and the real fun begins. I like to start by teasing my brother. Using my hand to softly stroke his cock. Next I use my tongue to light trace around the tip of his cock. My tongue light circles around and around his head. He squirms under me while I wrap my lips around his cock. I open wide and shove his cock deep into my mouth.

The brother sister incest continues

He is big but I still try to take all of him into my mouth. My brother loves to listen to me gag on his cock. I stroke him with my hands and mouth. His hands move my hair from my face so he can watch me suck him. I don’t let him cum because I want to build it up until he can’t take it. He stops me, rolls me over and now it’s my turn. My brother is between my legs teasing my pussy with his tongue. His tongue barely touching my clit makes me squirm all over the bed. I can feel his warm breath breathing on my pussy. Then his wet tongue slide against my slit. He licks up and down my pussy lips. I tried to not to get loud but I couldn’t help it. His tongue was driving me crazy.

My moans were loud and pussy was soaked. I would later find out I was so loud I actually woke his wife. After he licks my pussy I roll him over and straddle him. I ride his cock slow at first. My brother spanks my ass while I ride his cock. Usually I moan the guys name but I made sure not to do that this time. I ride his cock faster until he flips me into doggy style. My brother fucks me from behind. He knows this makes my pussy squirt. I scream in orgasm as he squirts inside me. He retires to bed with his wife and I fall asleep with his cum dripping out of me. If you’re into real family taboo then you will love confession. The next day he is in the shower and I sneak into the bathroom without his wife noticing.

Confess to me

Oh yes! I fucked my brother in the bathroom right under his wife’s nose. The thrill of us getting caught was exciting. She even knocked on the door to ask him where I keep my coffee cups. HA! If she only had known I was in there. There we were fucking behind her back and she never suspected. Makes me wonder just how far we can go. Maybe we should fuck somewhere more open and risky. I know I’m not the only one with a real family taboo sex story. Share your dirty confessions with me! I got more real family taboo confessions I can spill. I’m a dirty taboo phone sex girl call me and let’s do something really naughty!