My cousin Chad is in town visiting our family. He is so sexy. We haven’t seen each other since we were young and I am shocked at how handsome he is now. We going out to dinner tonight so I will be able to find out more about him and, if I get my way, have some real cousin incest. Of course, I always get my way.

At my grandmother’s, we are all reminiscing about the good ole days. Our parents are telling stories about us as we just blush and try not to listen. Everyone is having a blast as we are getting family time together. We eat lunch together and continue laughing and having a fantastic time. I am looking forward to having Chad to myself later tonight.

He isn’t the first real cousin incest I’ve had, and probably won’t be the last.

My favorite partner is my father. Our Real Daddy-Daughter Fun is out of this world. He is a great lover and teacher. All the wonderful things I am learning with him I am bringing to my callers. When I am on doing my Incest Phone Sex, I am able to give it my experience because I am living the incest life. With me, you are getting the best girl for your fun. We can even role-play out some daddy-daughter fun if you like.

Chad and I pick a simple restaurant in town. We are chatting away about all that has been happening in our lives. Additionally, he is really cool and has been living an interesting life. Hearing all his awesome stories is a blast. Of course, I can’t help but notice him checking me out all night long. After dinner, we are walking around town. His hand is on my back as we are walking around. I invite him back to hang at my place and he says, “Yes.”

I get him a drink and we get comfortable on my couch.

As we are getting a buzz, are hands are starting to wander. He is enjoying my gorgeous tits and I am roaming over his chiseled chest and arms. We are kissing each other and I am loving what a good kisser he is. Of course, things are heating up and my hands go south to find out what he is packing. As I slide into his pants, I stop cold. What the fuck is this?

His dick is so tiny, I am shocked and sickened. He is looking at me like nothing is wrong. Finally, I look up at him and ask, “Did you have some kind of surgery or something?” Confusion is on his face. You have a fucking clit instead of a cock dude! Where is your pecker? He is all offended, saying that it is just small. Oh, no, honey that is not small that is non-existent!

From there, I can’t help myself and the SPH comes out to play!

We can’t have real cousin incest if you can’t fuck me! It takes a cock and you don’t have one. He is all defensive but I don’t care. Seriously, do girls let you get away with this thing and not complain? Well, if so, it is time for your schooling, Cuz! No girl wants to be with a guy with a dick that little. If you don’t have oral skills, I suggest you get to work on learning or improving them asap!

You may have this outside package, but it is a facade that is misleading the women. All you are doing is getting them into your bed and letting them down. Once everyone is naked, the realization is going to hit them that they are not getting laid. Oh, sure, you can try penetrating them, but you know how small it is and that it probably will not work.

Real Cousin Incest

You have to realize that by now!

It is time for you to own this inadequacy and be honest with women from the beginning. I am sure there are ways you can work around this. I don’t know how but surely some nice lady will have pity on you. Not me, I think it little dicks are disgusting and I want nothing to do with it. Our real cousin incest has just hit a brick wall baby!

Of course, if you have a real pecker and want to call for some naughty cousin incest fun, I am all in baby! Or, if you like SPH, I got you for that too!