Real Corporal Punishment

Real Corporal Punishment, naughty, out of line, mentally or sexually inept, or just generally underachieving boys, look no further.  I have a special remedy for your less than ideal behavior, because, lord knows, I know better than anyone that some ill-behaved boys require a break in the third wall, and need a dose of REALITY and VISCERAL PAIN in their lives to serve as a reminder of their failures and as a source of motivation and outside accountability to achieve higher standards.  Let me be your voice of reason and your guiding light. You NEED to be put in your place and reminded where you stand if you hope for ANY chance of improvement.

I will hold you accountable for your life choices, scrutinizing and placing your choices under a microscope for my careful inspection, and enforcing obedience and submission through real corporal punishment.

 I will focus on correcting your ineptitudes relating to work, sexual performance, organizational skills, cleanliness, punctuality, vices, diet, lifestyle choices, or whatever shortcoming you may personally have because lord knows, there is PLENTY of room for improvement when it comes to men like you.  Maybe you just need a good maintenance thrashing to keep you in line and on a positive trajectory.  Or maybe you need intensive and corrective real corporal punishment to abolish bad behavior and get you back on track.

  I will give you real-time commands and instruct you through self-administered punishments including but not limited to…

Self-flagellation via straps, belts, paddles, whips, and household objects such as wooden spoons, rulers, spatulas, hair brushes, tools, etc. as well as other humiliating and painful tasks.

My imagination is boundless and the sky is the limit when it comes to selecting your specially tailored punishment.  You will need to remain engaged and on your toes as I WILL force you to choose your own tool of punishment, as humiliating and cruel as this task may be. In some cases, I may need to go full old fashioned on you.  I may have no choice but to instruct you through the humiliating act of walking into your yard, picking a nice supple switch, stripping away the leaves, and priming your little ass for a well-deserved thrashing.  I will manipulate your every movement as you succumb to instructions, like an obedient little soldier, accepting your fate WITHOUT protest. You must accept the real corporeal punishment that I dish to you, and take it like a brave boy.

Some very pathetic boys may also require being subjected to varied forms of verbal humiliation in conjunction with real corporal punishment to create the perfect recipe for lasting behavior changes and attitude shifts.

Ill-behaved and ill-performing boys need to be knocked down a few notches and humbled in order to improve in life.  There is no better way to ensure this than by answering to a Mistress or strict Mother figure.
You can fully expect to spend a decent amount of time in quiet reflection as you stand in a corner feeling the shame rising from your flushed cheeks and quivering lips and emanating from your burning red ass as you think about what you did.  You must move past all feelings indignancy and accept that you are deserving of such corrective measures.

 May even need to face the well-formed red marks made by this real corporal punishment in a mirror.

Then describe them to me, or even take photographs of them to send me to assess the adequacy of the punishment and whether what you’ve self-inflicted reaches my standards. Or I may have you provide a photo or two simply for my personal viewing pleasure in order to really leave a lasting and humiliating imprint on your impressionable little mind to drive the message home, loud and clear.  This roleplay is required the utmost SUBMISSION, UNWAVERING OBEDIENCE, and ACCEPTANCE.  Answer to me, because it is time to PAY for your POOR PERFORMANCE, SHORTCOMINGS, BAD BEHAVIORS and FAILURES with real corporal punishment.  I will SERVE your ASS on a silver platter until you get the message to DO BETTER.

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