Experimenting with Real Blood Edgeplay

Red, the color invokes feelings of love, lust, passion, and desire. And when that red color is from blood, it just elevates all of those feelings even more. Or so I discovered with my new friend, Liz, who I met at a blindfolded speed dating event. I recognized a kinkiness in her and knew we’d be good friends and have lots of fun together. One night when we were hanging out at her place, she asked me to participate in real blood edgeplay.  

She explained that some people like to use fake blood to quench their fetish but she only got off on the real thing. Liz says she enjoys edgeplay in all forms, the inherent danger that goes along with them is what makes for the most intense orgasms. Real blood edgeplay is the one that makes her feel the most alive. Not only does the sight of blood and the silky texture get her off but the little bit of pain during the cutting gives her incredible pleasure. After putting it that way, I couldn’t turn down her request to participate in her blood fetish. 

Pleasure in the Pain

Liz is a busty smoking hot blonde just like me. When we go out together people, mostly guys, ask if we’re sisters. Probably hoping for a sister threesome with us but it’s never happened. In fact, we haven’t engaged in anything sexual yet and even then I wasn’t sure just how far this blood fetish would go. I wasn’t sure I would be into it as much as she was, but she was too hot to turn down. I was looking forward to finally playing with her.  

In her bedroom, we both stripped and admired each other’s naked bodies. I leaned in to kiss her and caressed my hands down her hourglass figure, our big tits pressed together. She broke away quickly, she was anxious to get to the real blood edgeplay. Liz laid on the bed and pointed to a razor on the nightstand. “I want you to cut me, right here,” she ran her finger over an inch of skin on her upper arm. I straddled her naked body and carefully picked up the razor, my hand shaking a little. “Just don’t go too deep,” she warned. I put the razor to her skin and I could hear Liz’s breath quickening. I did as she said and cut through her skin about an inch long. She moaned as if in an orgasmic release as the dark red blood dripped rapidly down her arm.   

Lust and Passion

I smeared the blood on the palm of my hand and rubbed the blood down her cleavage. Liz began fingering my already wet pussy. Then I smeared more blood on her pale white tits, the color contrast was gorgeous and it sparked an incredible lust and passion inside of me. I continued to spread the silky blood all over her voluptuous tits. Suddenly, I had a powerful urge to taste her blood. I leaned down and sucked the blood off of her hard nipples. I thought she was going to cum right then. When I came up I had blood all over my face, Liz loved that and smeared her blood all over my chest too. We grinded our pussies together as we smeared and licked the blood off of each other’s huge tits until we came together in one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. 

An Incredible Aphrodisiac 

As we laid on the bed recovering, I confessed to Liz that I thought consuming the blood brought out an energetic fierceness in me that I’d never felt before. My lust for her felt almost out of my control. She agreed, “Blood is an aphrodisiac, it intensifies desire and lust. If you want an even more heightened experience you can bathe in blood, specifically virgin blood.” Liz could tell I was a little taken aback by this. “Don’t worry their not killed but it’s definitely not legal, of course. I purchase small bottles on the black web from a place in Eastern Europe where they have been doing this for hundreds of years. Wanna try it?” she asked.

First, we rinsed off Liz’s blood from our naked bodies and ran a hot bath. Then Liz disappeared into her walk-in closet and came out with two small bottles of the virgin blood. She poured them both in the tub and the water quickly turned a beautiful deep red. I carefully stepped into the tub and sank below the water. Liz sat outside the tub splashing the water on my exposed skin. I massaged my body below the surface. I felt a tingly sensation on every inch of my skin, it was really working. An extreme untamable desire came over me. I reached for Liz and pulled her into the tub with me and we passionately lusted over each other’s bodies one more glorious time in the blood of virgins. 


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