Raquel VS Remote

An interesting story about a remote. About a month or so ago a client called and asked if he could send me a gift. I, someone who loves gifts, accepted and went on about my life. A few days later a package arrived, discreetly boxed and addressed to me. What could it be?

I brought it inside, closed the door behind me and was bombarded by my dogs. I fought off my two beasts, 300lbs in total and found a spot to unwrap this mystery in peace. Layer by layer I removed the tape, cardboard, bubble wrap, and tissue paper. When I discovered the box inside with a card taped to it my heart started to race.

“To Raquel

 From: Your Secret Admirer

Note: Now we can have some real fun! ” I read aloud.

Suddenly I remembered and could not wait to find the gift that was buried within. I quickly opened the box to discover the sexiest pair of panties. All black. All lace. I was in love. When I removed them to try them on another note fell out.

“I’ll keep the remote and you keep the panties. When we play next, put these on and I’ll give you your next order.” It read. And suddenly I could not wait. I ran to my computer to thank him via email and let him know I was ready whenever he was. Within fifteen minutes he was calling, I slipped into my new gift and laid in my bed with only the panties on.

“Do you think you are ready my sweet, risque, Raquel?” He taunted a little.

“Of course I am Master, I am so excited I can barely stand it,” I replied, in the sweetest, sultriest way imaginable. But before I could finish my thought or sentence completely I felt a wave of pleasure as my pussy began to pulsate without any of my doing.

Read more next time to see how well wins in the battle of Raquel Vs Remote 😉