The size alone was enough to scare me, so when he started moving toward me, I really began freaking out.  I was not ready to be raped by this huge man.  I begged and pleaded again but all that seemed to do was piss him off even more.  He moved up to me, spreading my legs, and exposing my hot little pussy.  “This is going to be mine tonight and there is nothing you can do about it.” He said.  Moving his head between my legs he started to lick my pussy from top to bottom, over and over again.

Pressing his tongue to my clit with just the right amount of pressure that my body was starting to counteract the intense feeling of stress and fear that I had been feeling.  He must have noticed the change because he looked up at me and said, “There you go…just relax now, I’m going to take good care of that tight, white pussy of yours.”


“What do you say we show that pathetic boyfriend over there how a real man takes care of a woman.” He said with a snicker.  I don’t know if this man had been watching us together in the past or if it was just a lucky guess, but he hit it dead on.  My boyfriend was not the best lover.  Our sex life had been pretty lacking.  I wasn’t quite sure what exactly that was until now.  This man was licking and sucking my pussy so fucking good!  I started moaning and my boyfriend looked up in surprise.

He tried to say something but his mouth was still covered.  The stranger stopped, looked down at me, and removed the gag from my boyfriend’s mouth.  As soon as it was free he started yelling, “Brooke!!  What the fuck! How can you possibly be enjoying what this hoodlum is doing to you?!”  I looked back and forth between the two of them, smiling sheepishly, I replied, “Well, you have never done anything like that to me before.  His mouth feels amazing on my pussy!”

As my boyfriend started to protest, the stranger applied the gag to his mouth once again.  “If you like my mouth, gorgeous, just wait until you see what else I can do.  But first, I need your cooperation.  If I untie you will you behave?”  At this point, I am way more intrigued than anything else.  I nod in agreement and he releases me from my restraints.  “Let’s see how good you are with your mouth.” He says as he pushes my head down on his large hard cock.

I try SO hard, but I can’t get much of him into my mouth.  I settle for licking and stroking up and down his shaft while I suck the head of his cock.  He turned me around, positioning me on all fours when my boyfriend started to protest.  “Shut the fuck up pussy boy!  You obviously can’t give her what she needs, so just watch and learn how it is done.”

He then positions his cock at my wet entrance, but no matter how wet it is, he is having trouble getting it in.  Slowly but surely he starts inching his way in.  OH MY GOD!!! I have never had my pussy stretched like this before!! It hurts so bad but feels amazing at the same time, what a feeling!  He holds himself seated, balls deep in my pussy.  I’m not sure if he was doing it so I could adjust to him or so he wouldn’t cum.  “Tell your boyfriend how my big black cock feels in that tight pussy of yours.” He says.  I look up into my boyfriend’s eyes and tell him, “This feels so FUCKING AMAZING!”

His dick finally started moving in and out of me, my pussy gripping his cock so tightly.  My boyfriend tried to turn his head away.  “Oh hell no you don’t!!” the stranger said. “You will watch every second of this!  If you can’t start pleasing her, I will be from now on!”  With that, he started pumping into me faster and harder until I started to squirt my hot cum all over his enormous cock.  That set him over the edge.  He pulled out of me, yanked the gag off of my boyfriend’s face, and started fucking his mouth.

“Taste that cum you little bitch!  Oh, and by the way, that other thing you taste is your girl cum all over MY dick!  Tell him Brooke…” he said.  “Um,” I started “Well, that was the best sex of my life!  Not only is he bigger than you, but he makes me cum SO much better than you EVER have!  I know you love me and you know that I love you, but there is no way you can do that for me.  So, from now on, he will take care of me sexually, and you…..will watch.”  Give this new BBC lover a call for some AMAZING cuckold phone sex!  Let me tell you all of my dirty stories, making you cum so hard it would be like YOU are the one tied to the chair!!

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