Rape fetish victim is not what it seems.

If you search rape fetish victim on urban dictionary this is what you will find. Rape fetish victim to get raped then get horny when its over. So in this situation being the victim turns out to be a good thing. Before this happened to me I never even knew this was a thing. This all started back in my college days. I was at a party, it wasn’t a huge party but big enough.

There were a few guys there that I had a crush on.

So when one of them, Josh, asked me to go back to their dorm room with him to get more beer, of course, I said yes. When we arrived at his room Josh started doing shots. I joined him and did some also. Leaning over to kiss me I pushed him away. I liked him but I was not a slut and didn’t want him to think I was. Yes, I was playing hard to get. He didn’t like that response.

He began to get aggressive.

Fighting me to get my clothes off he ripped my shirt. I was screaming and kicking fighting every step of they was as he forced my head down and made me suck his cock. I could not breathe and gagged, that seemed to turn him on more. Throwing me on the bed I became his rape fetish victim.

I have heard the rumors about Josh but didn’t want to believe them.

At this point, all I did was they there and cry praying that he would just hurry up and finish. As he did he pulled his cock out of my pussy and squirted his cum all over my face. He made me his little cum whore. He had no respect for me and this just proved it. Naughty girl confessions time, I often think about that night and I sometimes masturbate to him still.

Even though he raped me I got so turned on by it.

This is what a rape fetish victim is. Call me on my phone sex kingdom line and I will tell you my fetishes.

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