I have always been so jealous of hotwives who had the Queen of Spades tattoo. 

To be able to show my dedication and submission to big black cock was a dream. I chickened out a few times, getting estimates from tattoo artists and making appointments only to cancel at the last minute. It’s a major investment to make such a dedicated body modification. However, the Queen of Spades embodies all that I stand for and believe in which is Black Supremacy. 

You’re probably wondering how a little blonde girl like me first got into submitting African Kings.  

It all started when I got my first black phone sex call. It was specifically themed after my caller being my boyfriend who wanted to get cuckolded by me and a giant chocolate bull. I found myself touching my perfect white pussy while we were talking. Everything about this fantasy of giving your lovely wife or girlfriend over to the men who they truly belong to AND getting dominated turned me on. I realized after that I was a Queen of Spades. 

My next call ironically ended up being a roleplay where I was a cheating wife who was sleeping with Black men exclusively behind my husband’s back. He ultimately found out but my sweet horny hubby wasn’t upset at all. He understood that his tiny 6.5″ white little penis could NEVER do the job of a BBC.

And btw, I don’t mean the British Broadcast Company in case you’re lost.

I’ve met many men who enjoyed submitting with me like a Queen of Spades, 

And I highly recommend reading my blog about a kinky couple’s massage if you’d be interested in hearing more about that. But that’s not why you came here, is it? I didn’t think so.

You’re much more interested in hearing about what prompted me to get branded with the mark of the big black beast, aren’t you? Keep reading.. 

I was in Panama City Beach, Fl absolutely covered bukkake and inside of a motel room, I did not rent. 

Earlier that evening I had been bar hopping and gambling with my husband’s money. He has transferred me thousands of dollars to play with while I was on vacation with the girls. Little did he know the girls were not with me and that I would be playing with something much more devious than just his cash. 

I met a few guys who had come down from Atlanta and Memphis. We could not have been from more different backgrounds but my lust and cravings for dark meat overcame me. I agreed to go back to their room on the other side of town. The next thing I know, I don’t have a single empty hole. Everything single one of my holes was occupied by endless and girthy chocolate dick. 

But the tattoo…

The next morning I woke up alone in the room with nothing but this Queen of Spades tattoo to help me piece together my evening. I cannot look at it without immediately dripping pussy juice. 

That isn’t the end of my adventures as a Queen. Call me if you’re like to hear more. *kiss kiss*


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke