A Quarantine fuck machine is the first tool I would pack in my ultimate survival kit.

Quarantine has officially shut everything down for a whole other month, so what else am I going to do besides pull out my quarantine fuck machine. It wasn’t always used so often, but it’s definitely going to cause my power bill to go up now.

I am at home and super horny! I have the guys in my housing complex to keep me company. But, I’m used to having a lot more guys around… with a lot more variety. I’m missing all the filthy dirty creampies I used to get weekly.

Luckily, my fuck machine has a couple of hot attachments that I am in love with right now.

I have actually used my quarantine fuck machine for so much more than just fucking myself, but that was before the virus was around. I have even used it to get adventurous instead of using my strap-on on some guys! And, I have five different attachments for it. Four different dildos plug right into it nicely.

All of the dildos are very thick and realistic. The smallest size is 7 inches and it goes up from there. My favorite is the thick, eight-inch one that has balls too.

The more realistic the dildo is, the more turned on I become.

Before I use my quarantine fuck machine, I have to get myself warmed up first. Well, I don’t have to… but I have nothing but time right now, as I am sure you can imagine.

I start by using the newest vibrator that I recently added to my collection. It’s hot pink and hits my clit at all the right angles. My pussy always gets soaking wet within literally thirty seconds of using it. I play with my vibrator for around ten minutes while casually looking at porn, or on the phone talking to someone as equally naughty as me!

Once my body is shaking from how good the vibrations feel against my clit, then I’m ready to bend over. A remote control my fuck machine. It is not one of the ride-on ones, which lets it go faster and penetrate me even deeper.

I slowly arch my back with my hand grasping the remote, ready for it to start fucking me. There are six speeds to this machine, and I love to make use of every single one of them. I start with the lowest speed, and as soon as I push the button, I feel it start.

The thick dildo starts slowly penetrating me, separating my cunt apart on the head of the veiny, thick dildo. I start moaning right away without even thinking about it. It just happens.

Once I turn my fuck machine on, I’m almost brain dead.

I press the speed button twice. It keeps up and starts going faster.

I move my ass-backward and the dildo is pushed deeper inside me. Now, I’m screaming while I’m getting filled up by my quarantine fuck machine.

Then, I can’t help but move my hips back and forth to impale my pussy on the fuck machine even deeper. It feels so good going in and out of me. Finally, I bump up the speed to the fastest it will thrust.

I almost can’t feel it pull all the way out of me because it’s going so fast. My neighbors probably hate me since I start screaming and my bed starts banging against the wall every time I use the fuck machine. I really should put a pillow or something between the wall or my bed because this happens every single time.

It just feels too good to even care what the people next door are thinking right now.

One of my favorite things about my quarantine fuck machine is that it can keep going for hours until I am completely and utterly too exhausted to keep going. I am always so horny and it’s hard to find a guy to match how horny I am. Suddenly, my pussy starts to tighten and I start coming all over the fuck machine. It feels so good and sends me into a trance, but I know it won’t be the last time I cum tonight.

Long nights like these are going to pass the time much faster until May 1st.

Call your filthy phone sex operator now!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke