Puppy Stud and I are going to dinner together tonight.

Puppy is not a furry and I’ll show you the difference. I’m dressed in a nice pair of strappy, high-heeled sandals, a short, tight skirt, and a low-cut blouse. Meet my puppy, Stud. He’s strong, very good-looking, and very playful. He’s such a good boy; so obedient. So, I decided to take him out with me tonight to see how he can be outside in public with a lot of people. He’s dressed in simple, comfortable clothes so it’s easy for him to move around on his hands and knees – where a puppy belongs. He also wears a collar, with a large silver L charm on it (for London). And I’m holding his leash.

We walk inside the diner, Stud walking obediently beside me, and are seated at our table. Like the well-trained good boy that Stud is, he lays at my feet. I reach down and pet him while I look over the menu trying to decide what we should eat. He needs chicken. And for myself, I order a vegan dish. Upon special request, the waiter brings Stud out a bowl of water. And when our food gets to the table they serve his food in a fresh clean bowl.

As he eats on the floor I softly stroke his head with my foot.

As we eat people give us very odd, very cross looks. Stud finishes his food and starts sniffing upward, looking at me, begging. I give him a quick swat on the nose, but feed him a bite of food nonetheless. He has been such a good boy so far. After I finish, I smile down at him. “Would you like some dessert before we leave?” He barks softly, happily. So, I give the good boy some desert. I spread my legs for him so he can taste my sweetness. Yummy, yummy dessert for the good puppy. He knows I never wear panties and it feels so good, him eating my juicy pussy under the table.

No one seems to notice. And if they do, they know better than to say anything. With our food done and my pussy all wet and swollen, we get up, my good Stud on his hands and knees, and walk out the door. In the taxi, I take out his chew toy and we play in the backseat, Stud on the floor of the cab.

But when we get home, oh, when we get home, Stud is so excited.

I can see the bulge in his pants. He paws at my skirt as I take off my heels. I lead him by his collar and leash to the bedroom. I gingerly take off his leash and crawl onto the bed, my tight ass in the air for him. “You want to fuck your Goddess?” He barks excitedly, putting his paws on the bed behind me. “Well, you’ve been so good, you may fuck her.”

Stud gets up on the bed behind me on his knees. “Show your Goddess how puppies fuck.” His hard cock enters my wet, juicy, swollen pussy. He starts pumping faster, harder. I can feel his hard cock throbbing inside me. I cry out, I scream in pleasure. As he fucks me he howls in ecstasy. And I cum in an explosion of hot desire and release. Soon after my puppy cums deep inside my pussy.

This is Stud. My puppy. My very good lover boy. And he pleases his Goddess very, very much.