Furies Are so Kinky, so Hot, so Taboo!

Furies? A bunch of weirdos dressed in Disney costumes? Really, London, really?

Really! Furies take on a very playful aspect of sex and kink. And, I love to play. I love to tease before I give you what you want. And, if I were a furry, I think I’d be a fox or a kitten. I’m a total smart ass and very playful. So, let me share one of my fantasies with you.

I’m at a furry convention. It’s crowded and lots of furies in tons of different costumes. Some are in full suits. Some just have a hood, mitts, and a tail with patches of fur accents. I’m one of those. I have a red and white hood, red and white mitts, red leg warmers, and a red and white tail. Other than that I’m dressed in a pair of sneakers, faded blue jeans, and a white, thin-strapped top that shows off my flat stomach and my perky tits.

I’m waiting in line to get some food. Two or three furies ahead of me is a wolf in a full suit. It’s black and red. Red where white would normally be on a wolf. It is so gorgeous! I crouch and sneak up behind the wolf and playfully pull its tail. As it turns I duck behind the furry directly behind the wolf. The wolf growls, slightly annoyed but not mad.

I snicker quietly and smile inside my hood.

Later my playfulness continues. The wolf I’ve been eyeing is sitting at a table full of people. I quickly and quietly crawl my way under his table. I get to my knees in front of it and take off one of my paws revealing my human hand underneath. So I check to make sure my tail would catch the wolf’s eye. Then I pull down the zipper between the legs and see a bulge. My wolf is a he! YES!

I hear him move and feel him staring at my tail. I reach between his zipper and start stroking his cock. He tenses and tries not to make a scene. I can feel his legs twitching in pleasure and my smile widens under my hood. My panties getting very wet and his cock is getting harder by the second. If everyone just looks down they’d see me giving my wolfy friend a hand job.

Slowly furies move on to other pastures and the table clears.

All that time I’m giving a hand job under that table. By the time everyone leaves I have precum all over my hand and his cock is pulsing rapidly. Once the last furry leaves, he bats my hand away with his paw. Under the table, he uses another paw to signal me to come up. I work my paw back onto my hand and crawl out from under the table.

He links my arm in his and we head up some stairs to a deserted room with a couch. I can feel his precum still on my hand under my paw as he lays me on the couch. He strips off his paws and uses his hands to undo my jeans. He pulls them off along with my panties. Using his hands he pulls down the lower jaw of his hood and puts his face between my legs and starts eating my pussy.

My groans and moans are stifled by my hood.

I arch my back as his tongue flicks my clit, feeling myself already beginning to climax under his skillful tongue. I almost scream as I cum all over the bottom jaw of his suit and all over his mouth and chin. He growls and flips me onto my belly. He pulls out his cock and pushes it into my pussy. Then he closes his bottom jaw back up so we don’t make too much noise. He growls, a low fierce growl as he plows me from behind. His cock is so thick it fills up my pussy and it feels SO fucking good deep inside me. I love every minute of him inside me.

He fucks me hard and fast and my muffled screams mix with his growls of pleasure and excitement. And with howls, we cum together, wolf and fox. Releasing our primal selves.

I love this fantasy! As you boys know by now I love forbidden pleasures.

I’m only a phone call away! Cum play with me!

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