Being open minded is a lost art, but I think I have a pretty good handle on it.  In my time as a phone sex operator I have found that very little shocks me and that most fantasies make my sweet pussy cum!  I think, when I started doing this, that I didn’t think that would be the case.  I thought that there would be things that I just wouldn’t be into.  Over time though, that just isn’t true.  It has been really hard for me to specialize when I love everything.  Take this for example, a fabulous client of mine was sharing with me getting a cock cage and he had emailed me over a picture of it.  It was pretty bad ass!  I had asked him where he was getting it, and he sent me over the link to the site.

I go ahead and decide to peruse the site – a girl never knows when she might need a few new accessories – and guess what popped up on the first page??  The deluxe puppy play essentials kit!  Holy mother fuck balls – I am in love!

Now, with that said, we all know that nothing really compares to a big old rot knotted in my my pussy, or yours, but this is a another dimension entirely.  Let’s imagine for a minute that we get your big old rot to play, AND I get you to accessorize with this kit.  Just thinking of you both pawing and rooting around my body together is twice the fun and 3 times the cum!  Panting in your mask, pawing with your mitts…

Puppy play was one of the first things that really blew my mind in doing phone sex – it made me level up to actually trying it with my brothers lab, some of you already know this.  So when I say I am no limits, I am no limits and puppy play is only the beginning.  Speaking of a little k9 fun…why don’t you bring your dog Buster over to play with me today, tomorrow, the next day.  Do you want Buster to fill my cunt?  I do to!!!!!