My Puppy’s Love Makes Me Cum

I really can’t imagine life without my pooch. We have a very special bond. He comforts me when I’m down, plays with me when I’m happy and licks my pussy till I cum when I’m horny. I adopted Gilby (short for Gilbert) when I broke up with my first long term boyfriend. Gilby is a pretty big dog but, he’s such a sweetheart. When I broke up with my boyfriend I was pretty down and I wasn’t use to sleeping alone in a huge queen size bed by myself. My boyfriend never let Gilby sleep with us so when he left, Gilby would come to my bedroom door, give me the puppy dog eyes and that was all that it took. When he slept next to me I felt protected and loved.

I always sleep naked and one night Gilby started licking my feet and toes before he came up to sleep with me in his usual spot. He was unusually frisky that night so I just let him have his way. I was feeling really vulnerable and missing my ex-boyfriend but, Gilby was there for me. Β He could sense that I was feeling blue. Now here’s a little secret…whenever my feet are pampered I always become EXTREMELY horny. And there was something about the way Gilby licked my toes that made me open my legs and invite him towards my semi-wet pussy. He was a little hesitant at first so I decided to help him out a bit. There was some dog food on the side of my bed that I always leave for him just in case he wants a late night snack. As he was licking my toes I picked up some of the dog food and gently placed it on the lips of my pussy. Gilby can never resist that certain brand of dog food so he instantly jumped completely on to the bed and started to lick it off of my bald pussy.

The feeling was unbelievable! Having his long, wet tongue lapping at my horny cunt was the best feeling I had experienced in a long time. I had NEVER HAD MY PUSSY EATEN LIKE THAT BEFORE IN MY LIFE! As he was finishing his snack on my pussy I propped my pelvis upward to allow him to get the best licks of my clit. He licked my clit and my pussy hole until I couldn’t take it anymore. Before I knew it I was reaching for Gilby’s cock. His long knarled cock was super hard. I was so turned on I only did what came natural to me. I positioned my body under my doggy and forced his huge canine dick inside of my succulent fuck hole.

His pumps were quick and hard. My mouth dropped open as he licked me on my neck and my face to show his appreciation. Our love was being made right at that moment. We were both being pleased and that was all that mattered. It didn’t take long for Gilby to cum inside of. My pussy basically sucked the cum right out of him. I came twice with my doggy inside of me. I kissed him in his mouth and told him I loved him.

Although, I love the fact that my puppy’s love makes me cum, I wouldn’t dare tell my friends and family about what really goes on with me and Gilby behind closed doors because I’m sure they would judge me. But I know there’s someone out there who shares my same attraction for the animal world and is willing to explore with me and talk about our wildest stories and fantasies…together.

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