Okay, I am a tease sometimes as well as a Publicly Fucked Bratty Princess. And, yes, I am also a cum slut. However, some guys deserve nothing but teasing. They aren’t worthy of all this sexy goodness. Normally, they get a little pissy with my tease and total denial, but they move on when they see I am not putting out to them. This night, the boys were not having my “No” answer and are making me follow through. They are making me the Publicly Fucked Bratty Princess.

Imagine my surprise as they are turning the tables on me. These fuckers  are saying their cocks hard, and it was my duty to follow through and please them. Ummm, no, I don’t think so, is going through my mind. I am telling them I make my own decisions and fuck who I want. When you are not worthy, you are not going in my sexy tight pussy. You can ask my callers if I am bratty on my ageplay phone sex. I tell them like it is!

Of course, this is out of my hands, making me the Publicly Fucked Bratty Princess at this party.

Jackson, from campus, is throwing a huge party while his parents are out of town for a cruise. Most of us have been home for months and are ready to cut loose at this big event. They are wealthy and the house is amazing. Rooms, rooms, and more rooms. Then, there are theatres, pools, game rooms and so much more. I am not missing this for anything. I am just not expecting it to get out of hand the way it does.

In college, there are so many good looking guys. Of course, there are tons of losers in that group too! Jerks, assholes, and dicks that don’t deserve girls like me. Even if they are rich or popular, if they have been mean to other girls, I feel I must be a bitch to them. Most of the time, the teasing and flirting are kept to a minimum or short interaction. At this party, a group of these dickheads is swarming me and pushing me to be my bratty self.

However, when it comes a time in the fun for them to move along, these guys are not having it.

Wankers, all of them. Everyone is buzzing and partying. My friends aren’t noticing me getting into a situation with the losers. As I am texting my girlfriends, no one is responding. Of course, I know they are all in rooms getting laid, or too drunk to acknowledge me. Since I am small, it is easy for the guys to pick me up and take me to the top of the stairwell.

As a Perfect Little Whore for Daddy, I have been learning for years, I am special. I don’t deserve anyone below me and do not allow them to fuck me. Sadly, on this night, no one that agrees with me is responding to help me. Once the guys carry me up the stairs, they are yelling for the attention of anyone that is clear-headed enough to notice us. Of course, those people turn and focus on us.

The jerks start tearing off my clothes in front of everyone.

They are explaining that I am a bitch that deserves to be the publicly fucked bratty princess tonight. Now, I am getting nervous and start asking them to let me go. I will apologize in front of everyone for my bad behavior. They aren’t going for it as they start pulling out their rock hard dicks. Some aren’t bad, they even have big cocks. Others are tiny and my instinct kicks in to humiliate them.

Bad call, as the leader, smacks my face, reprimanding me for being disrespectful. Then, they start rubbing their hands and cocks all over me. The leader says to bend me over the banister so everyone can see as they give me what I deserve. Some hard fucking to wear out my tight teen pussy. He is going first using his tiny little dick. As he is going in, I ask if he is going to put it in me, I don’t feel anything.

Oh, that gets him going as he starts pulling my hair and moves to fuck my ass.

Even then, it isn’t much going in my sexy little hole. His friends are yelling for him to give it to me as he is cumming in my tight butthole. From there, it is one after another fucking me, and “teaching” me a lesson. Of course, the small penis humiliation has taken hold with the onlookers and they start laughing and pointing out who is inadequate in pecker size. Now, the losers are pissed, tossing me aside, they stomp off with embarrassment.

Publicly Fucked Bratty Princess

I take a bow, wiggle my ass for the onlookers, and head to the bathroom to clean up their nasty cum. Their attempt for my publicly fucked bratty princess lesson has backfired onto them and as usual, I look amazing in front of the others! Tell me, reader, is your dick hard imagining me at the top of the stairs getting fucked? If so, call me so we can play!