I love a good public spanking!

I had no idea a simple trip to the store would end in a public spanking. After a little shopping, I was walking through the parking lot back towards my car. I saw a car across from mine backing out and getting very close to my car. The driver was on his phone! I saw him go from looking over his shoulder to animatedly talking to whomever it was on the phone. Then I heard the sound of our bumpers kissing, that soft little thunk. Unfortunately for him, I was walking up past the hood of my car just as that happened. I saw my car rock a bit and then saw his panicked eyes raise up to meet mine. I could read his lips when he said, “Oh Shit, I have to go”.

My bumper honestly didn’t have much damage. A little scratch and a smear of paint. I bet a hard buffing would bring it right out. When he stood up out of his car and I saw him, I knew there was no way I was letting this handsome stud escape so easily. The first that came to my dirty mind was a public spanking. 

I needed to humiliate him.

He was all apologies as he came out of the car. Then he seemed relieved, to say the least, when he saw that the damage was minor. He said that there was no reason to involve the insurance companies, he would gladly pay for any repair right now. He suggested an amount that seemed a bit too high but I accepted it anyway. I agreed with him that there was no reason to involve our insurance companies. “However, I do think there should be a punishment for being on your phone while driving”, I added. He had no idea I had a public spanking in mind, of course, so he offered me another $100. Naturally, I accepted but told him that I thought the punishment needed to hurt him a bit more.

I love spanking a sexy man.

He said he didn’t have any more cash on him but if I would give him my number he would make sure I was compensated for my trouble. I told him I wasn’t taking anymore of his money but I did intend to be compensated, my way. I reached over and unbuckled the belt of his pants and whipped the long leather strap out of his belt loops in one motion. He, for the first time really looked at me, eyeing me up and down. At that moment he finally realized an attractive MILF I was. He smiled his cocky smile and said he would do whatever I wanted.

I smiled and told him I was so glad to hear that. Then I unbuttoned his slacks and unzipped them. I could feel his cock rising to the occasion as he placed his hand on my hip. He said that maybe we should go someplace else that the parking lot wasn’t a good place for this. I pushed down his pants past his hips and watched them fall to the pavement. “This is the perfect place for your public spanking,” I said. He didn’t resist as I pushed him over the trunk of my car. I quickly cracked the belt over the boxer briefs that covered his ass cheeks.

Everyone watched and I loved it. 

He yelped and tried to get up so I pressed his face back down on to the trunk. This time, with my hand in the middle of his shoulder blades I swung the belt again and again against his ass. Naturally, this began to attract a crowd. A grown man bent over in the parking lot getting his butt spanked with a belt will do that. I told them all what he had done and the women cheered and the men laughed. Everyone began to take part in the chastisement:

“That’s what you get for being on your phone.”

“He’ll watch where he’s going next time!”

“Serves him right.”

I finally let him up once I was satisfied that he had received enough swats. As he stood, I saw that his cock was very hard and unmistakably big in the tight-fitting boxer briefs. He was definitely not going to need some small penis humiliation to go along with his public spanking. I gave him my information and told him that I would be ready to talk terms another time. I had to get out of there because my pussy was demanding some attention of its own. In the end, I feel like we both got what we needed from this public spanking punishment. I’m sure he learned his lesson and won’t back out of a parking spot while talking on his phone again. I laugh on the way home knowing he won’t be able to sit for a week without thinking of me!

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