Public Sex: Wetter Then The Water Rides!!

Public sex is something I’ve done a few times before. Mainly at night outside a bar if I’m pretty wasted. But recently I had some amazing sex in the most unexpected place. I went to this water park with my friend Luke and his little brothers. I had a serious crush on Luke so I was excited when he invited me. Once we got to the park Luke suggested the kids could get in the wave pool while we went in the lazy river. The river was long and wrapped around the water slides. When we got in the river we used a 2 person float to drift down.

Luke looked so good he kept staring at me and smiling making me get really turned on. Them Luke turned and said to me, “Can I be honest, I’ve always liked you.” So I just stared at him and gave him a kiss. I tried to move away but Luke grabbed me and pulled me closer to him. While we were kissing Luke started sliding his hands in between my thighs touching my pussy through my bikini bottoms. He was making me so horny. Then he slid behind me still holding the float with one hand and untied the strings of my bikini bottoms.

I wasn’t scared to have public sex,

I wanted Luke so bad for a long time. He slid his swimming trunks down and pushed his cock up against my ass. His cock was rock hard and felt amazing rubbing on my ass. I never imagined I would be having sex at a water park but I like to do things that excite me. Using one hand, Luke parted my ass and slowly guided his cock inside of me.

He felt so fucking good deep inside my pussy. His body was so warm and close up against mine. He held both hands on the float while he fucked me nice and slowly made us sway back and forth in the river. My pussy was throbbing from how bad I wanted to fuck Luke and finally I was.

I told Luke to fuck me harder I wanted to make more waves in the river. He smiles and started stroking me harder and deeper. He was making my pussy feel so good with each thrust I got more and more turned on. I loved the thrill of having public sex and no one knows what’s happening but for us.

The way Luke was fucking me felt fantastic,

He was giving me long deep strokes getting my pussy really excited. We were halfway around the river when Luke told me to go under so I could suck his cock. I took a deep breath and went under I put my hands on his hips and shoved his cock in my mouth it was a lot bigger than I expected. He tasted so go while I sucked his cock fast and hard. He was making me gag when he pushed his hips forward to go deeper down my throat. I stopped for a second to come up for air then I went right back under and continued to suck the shit out of his cock.

I just wanted Luke anyway I could.

He put his hand on my head so I wouldn’t move and I felt his warm creamy load flow all into my mouth I swallowed it and rose up from the water. Luke looked at me and I said, “Let’s get on some of the rides even though there’s something else I’d rather ride”….

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