Public Sex Stories: The Sky Lounge at JFK got me higher than any flight

Public Sex Stories: I was in the Sky Lounge waiting to hear my flight being called for boarding.  As the announcement for the delayed flight was called I couldn’t help groaning in dismay.  This had been a really long trip.  In addition to looking forward to being home in my own bed. I was also looking forward to getting some pussy worship time from my boyfriend.  It had definitely been a very long 2 weeks away.  My legs crossed to give my aching and slightly wet hole some much-needed pressure.  The really hot looking pilot sitting across from me noticed my shifting and caught my eye with a smile.

He looked around the now empty sky lounge and spread his legs so wide. I could see the growing bulge in his crotch.  My face flushed as I quickly looked down at my magazine even as I felt a telltale rush of fluid between my tightly crossed legs.  Glancing over my magazine I could see that the pilot now had his hand over his tightly stretched pants rubbing his impressive looking cock slowly.

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Suddenly he asked, “Anything I can get you, Miss?” Blushing a deeper red I started to shake my head and found myself nodding as I too uncrossed my legs and allowed him to see that I was, in fact, wearing the crotchless undies my boyfriend loved.  “You’re already dripping over there. Come over here and let’s give new meaning the term ‘layover’.”  My legs shaking I walked across the room and found myself kneeling down in from of him as he unzipped his dress blues.

His throbbing hard cock popped out just in time for me to lean down and slide my sweet mouth smoothly down the base.  I could feel his hand pushing the back of my head up and down as his cock starting dripping precum onto my aching tongue.  He pulled my hair back with one hand and my body up to his with the other.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and as He pushed his throbbing cock through my holy panties and into my achingly wet pussy.  As I started to cum loudly my body jolted as I suddenly heard the door open……

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